Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 11, 2005

Trouble of working with an office of men

Those guys that work here are at it again.

When discussing a trivial matter this morning I said,

“Yeah yeah, I know. I took anatomy and physiology in college.”


“We bet you did.”

The conversation tumbled down hill from there.

Finding the humor in being out numbered? Uh?

Posted July 6, 2005

Iíve been hijacked.

One of my engineers broke into my computer and is looping Cat Stevens and James Taylor- what are they trying to do? Make me cry? Hardy Har Har boys. These guys love to play practical jokes on me. Last year after I got a speeding ticket and they changed the settings on my laptop so that everytime I received an email a police siren boomed through my speakers. Go back to your little cave where furbies can only communicate with furbies and talk Dork all day long.


  1. As a professional geek, you have my full support in bitch-slapping those stupid bastards hard enough that their theoretical children hurt. I write “theoretical children” because it sounds like these yo-yo’s are only going to “theoretically” reproduce.
    Guys like that give guys like me a bad name.
    The next time they mess with your computer, and you need help getting it straight, let me know. We’ll get the problem worked out and leave them wondering what they did wrong.

    Sorry. Professional pride occasionally leads me to rant about sophmorish antics in IT departments.

  2. I used to work with the boys in an IT department. I feel your pain.

    Go back to your little cave where furbies can only communicate with furbies and talk Dork all day long. Brilliant.

  3. cant live with em. cant cook em in a wok.

  4. Hey! I’m easy to live with! Just ask my ex-wife! Oh… Well, my dog is female and she loves me.

    We’re not all like those guys, honest. If those chuckle-heads worked for me, I’d be lecturing them about the cost of sexual harrasment suits, not to mention the lost time, which equals money, spent messing around with this kind of “fun”.

  5. Oh, it’s all in good fun. I spend enough time being P.C. in front of clients. It’s nice to know I can have fun with the people I see 5 days a week. It’s fun banter nothing more.

  6. Obviously, you’ve never been involved in a sexual harrasment suit. Good for you!

    And, I admit it, I’m a little over-zealous on that kind of thing because I was picked on a lot as a kid. I have a low threshold for that kind of thing, especially directed at someone else. Having been married, though, I’ve come to expect it directed at me. Sorry.

  7. If there are male and they breath they are a problem!

  8. Damn Miladysa! I’m thinking you’re the lady Judge Dredd.

  9. I bet Network geek knows all about sexual harassment at work.

  10. How fun! It looks like my ex-wife is stalking me on the Internet! Nothing like a little obsessive-compulsive stalking to brighten one’s day.
    Seriously, I apologize for having the Harpy descend on your site. Please don’t hesitate to block her.


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