Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 16, 2005

Slice of Heaven

My office doesn’t recognize mental health days. They need to start implementing these or at the very least one or two,

“I simply don’t feel like it days”

Me as Corporate Circus Clown: “D.Q. I won’t be in today. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.”

Master Ring Leader: “Why? What’s gotten in to you?”

M.C.C.C: “Nah Boss, I just decided it’s time for a mental break and I’m not going to be a slave today. Glad we cleared this up. Ciao.”

Master Ring Leader: “After everything I’ve put into you. There’s a shoe sale at Neiman’s this weekend are your sure? How’s that resume coming along?”


This morning I awoke to a chill in the air and felt the blunt of the cold front nipping at my toes. Welcome Fall. (Am sure I will see silly Texans walking around in fur coats today – albeit it’s only 60 degrees.) I was grouchy and didn’t feel like it today. I hit the snooze one to many times after staying up late reading a book that wrapped me in warm words. Then pulled the covers back and resigned myself to working from home. But today, I just don’t feel like it. I’ve shared emails with the higher ups, spoke to several clients, made plans with friends for this evening, and booked an early evening massage.


Now that’s more what I feel like doing.


  1. and what do you do again? im so in the wrong line of work.

  2. i love it! “i just don’t feel like it days”. that’s great!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful day!!!!
    It is snowing non-stop here. It’s freezing too. Bleh.

  4. Hmph. Must be nice to have that option of working from home. Where I work, I’d not only have to implement that, but maintain it for everyone else. Actually, I’d probably enjoy that…

    Just remember, don’t call in dead, even if it is the ultimate excuse. It only works once and the checks stop coming.

  5. We miss you here. We are left to tease the level one engineers in your absence.

  6. I was just telling someone at my office that they should hire someone to walk around giving massages mid-afternoon. Employees will be much less disgruntled that way, not matter where they work, especially those who are PMSing like me!

  7. I love those stay in bed days – when I am well!

    Over here some companies actually allow ‘Duvet Days’, four or so days/year when you can phone in a say you do not feel like coming in! I am trying hard to find one with a vacancy 🙂

  8. i regret to inform everybody i have moved my blog again…yes AGAIN…sorry…

  9. I would kill to be able to work from home… well, at least maim…

    So, what were you reading?

  10. I like that, ‘I don’t feel like it day.’ How many of those would someone actually get? If I were in charge, I’d make into law, workers get 12 (one a month) “I don’t wanna put up with your sh** or see your ugly ass” days a year.

  11. I haven’t had a day like that in forever! I’m so jealous! Enjoy your massage and dinner with friends.

  12. Ghost- I am in sales – you don’t want my stress.

    Desert Boy – yes we need them

    Kristen – it’s supposed to freeze here tonight. Have fun in the snow.

    N.G. – Ugh dead? Right now am feeling close to it b/c a package in the mail.

    Danielle – tis a grand idea.

    Miladysa – where do you live again? I am packing my bag

    Wendi – your just funny.

    Jason – I’d vote for 1 a month and one half day. I like your name for them better.

    Zombie – I am reading the latest Nick Hornby book – A long way down.

    Kendra – treat yourself. The holiday season is upon us.

  13. Working from home…you got it made, girl. Fall…what’s that? It’s 85 here. OK. Go find some cool shoes to buy.

  14. Package in the mail? What’d I miss? You lost me.

  15. Yo sass. Hit me up in a text. I got email issues.

  16. I wish it were 60 degrees! It’s 20 here and feels like 11…it’s all relative though. Go for the mental health day, everyone deserves it.

  17. I find that mental health days have become an important part of my work-life. I cant’ remember the last time I actually worked on a Friday. When I do show up on a Friday some folks are like “OMG it’s Friday what are YOU doing here?” and I just smile, I say “I figured I needed to at least show a presence” LOL. I have enough annual leave time I can take a Friday off here and there. Turns out this month I won’t work a single Friday, two holidays and two others I took off. Shame on me, but I tell you three day weekends make me a happier employee 🙂


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