Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 21, 2005

Meet me at the Ferris Wheel if we get separated

Its a comfortable type of paranoia. Im all over the place tonight.

Its not that I need someone to watch over me and keep me from planting myself in the middle of the street while yelling, Thats all youve got? From time to time it would be nice. Just to have someone there to grab the cane and pull me back when Ive gone to far. Before the tomatoes begin to fly.

The world has not been enough. Ive shopped for the proper ingredients. Added a sprinkle here and taste tested the spoon ensuring my measures were exact. And added more spice to the special sauce.

The stress of work and an antsy feeling gnawing at my core have me nervous in this dungeon. Im unsure and my boobs are a little sore today. (dont know why I told you that.)

My legs are tone and freshly shaven. Drops of sweat from this evenings work out have dried producing a sticky film on the back of my knees. Pieces of food meant for nourishment grumble in my stomach. My mind races on the brink of exhaustion. If this is indicative to how the week is going to be, Ill be on the Ferris wheel eating cotton candy flavored jelly beans allowing my hair to blow loosely in the wind.

There’s a time and a place I seem to resort to every year. Its the holidays and a feeling I get that makes my internal rhythm a little dicier. I adopt a lightening in my step and a swagger in my hips. My gleam is brighter.

But today?

While sitting in Fourbucks I felt the need to bang my head against the wall. No one would have noticed. No one really notices anything in Fourbucks. Bang away. The voice inside was saying something like, You can make saline art on the wall and someone will clean it up. Then I stopped. Realizing the world was just right. After all, there was the man on the phone I met Saturday telling me all the gals hes liked in Texas aren’t from around these parts.


If you need me, Ill be on the Ferris Wheel.


  1. its gonna be all right, sass. weirdest thing. i dreamed i was in a target the other night and you were there shopping for furniture. you asked me several times where the isle with the funriture was and i told you i didnt know. it wasnt until after you had gone that i realized who you were. my wife actually told me. “that was, sass, as in sassy suspect.” she said. “really?”

  2. Cute.

  3. I keep having this strange complusion to comment on blogs without really knowing what to say. It must be the compelling writing that hooks into something deep in my writing soul.

    Anyway, your title reminded me of a spy novel, for some reason. Spys are always saying things like “if we get separated, give the ferriswheel operator a five Deutschmark coin and tell him Skippy sent you, he’ll get you to me”. Wouldn’t that be nice? If only I could slip the barista 50 krone and be given directions to the South American Mata Hari that would rescue me from my own love life.

    Oh, did I say that out loud? Well, anyway, you’re not alone. I think it’s the time of year that does that to folks. Or, it’s turkey telepathy trying to get us too depressed to eat. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  4. Can I come? I’ll take you to dinner first. Steak or lobster?

  5. Fourbucks?

    I love that – I love their coffee too, though . . . so I guess I need to start saving up.

    Nice site – I really like the look of it.

    Ben O.

  6. Oh Sass. I’ve got two tickets reserved for this evening.

    Check your phone.

  7. You can make saline art on the wall and someone will clean it up.

    I’m really, really, loving how you write.

    I hope your boobs are feeling better :o(

  8. It sounds like you want something more stable (someone to ground you) but that you’re not ready for it.

  9. i have an uncomfortably antsy feeling too. i think it is going around. feel better!

  10. jess, we can bang our heads together…i’ll meet you at the ferris wheel ;-)~

  11. The world has not been enough.

    I could crawl into that sentence.

    London just might be calling you too… Hope you have a nice holiday just the same.

  12. I hope you’re feeling better today. In the meantime, I will meet you at the ferris wheel too.

  13. Ghost – furniture seems to be the only thing stable in my life right now – great analogies even when your dreaming.

    N.G. How did you know I want to be a spy? And a race car driver. I want Jennifer Garner’s job on Alias

    Sampson – ;-0

    Ben O – Why are you called Ben O? Makes me wonder.

    P.Diddy – swoon.

    Zombie – boobs are feeling better and bouncy.

    Justin – get out of my head and check your email.

    Alison – London will have to wait. China is in May.

    Wendi, Cheryl, and Danielle -I’ll buy extra jelly beans and chai tea lattes.

  14. Justin’s always Mr. Analasis. Anal..asis..ha ah ha. Yeah, so can I get in on the jelly beans and chai tea latte action?

  15. Very nice post Sass…. I recommend meeting at the State Fair of Texas ferris wheel, can’t miss it. 🙂 C.

  16. Well Sass…I dont know what’s been going on in your head lately but you seem to have the preverbial ants in the pants. You seem to have a lot on your mind but no way to really let it out. Just remember, you’ve got a friend in the Chi and he’s got two ears, holla at ya boy…

  17. That’s why she loves me. 🙂

  18. happy turkey day, sass.


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