Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 21, 2005

weekend sampling

We’re dealing with the passing of a friends father right now. Before this happened there was a weekend. It went something like this.

I keep waiting for a guy in a trucker hat to come running out of the bushes and tell me I’ve been punked.

H:Sup Bitches?
J:Werd Hooka.

S:Let me tell you sumthin. I’ve never steered you wrong. You’re going to dinner with the man and it’s not up for discussion.

J:Stop touching my boobs. It’s like you have an infection.

Ce: He’s trashed, hot, and meeting us at the next place.

S:We tried to jump it with a Tonka car.

J:I like a man who uses big words.

H:In my past life I must have given one hell of a blow job. Because if this is as good as it gets then, I’m going to kind of miss it.

J:Kristina wants to put my ass on her christmas card.

H.E.:I’m not pro-life by the way. Who is once you start paying attention.

H:We all have trash sometimes. Fuck it. That’s what makes you real.

J:This is the second night in a row I’ve seen her whip a man with a leather belt. (back to back b-days)

T:If it’s not complicated. You won’t get involved. You need the challenge.

K:I know it’s last minute but, we have a limo for the night.

R: I’m getting married.

J: He called. Then called again. The third time, I answered. We’re going to dinner. I question what he means by dinner.

S: I fell asleep in my wig last night.

S:I always feel like we are in L.A. on this corner.
H:Can we not talk about corners while I am sitting here in thigh high boots and a mini skirt.

T: My dad was giving me a hard time about the way I raise my son. I told him to but out. I’ll pay for his therapy like he paid for mine.



  1. “Stop touching my boobs. It’s like you have an infection.”-had me rollin.

  2. Arrr, a motley crew have ye there! (Sorry, a bit late for Talk Like A Pirate Day, but…)

    Oddly enough, I’ve heard a couple of those sorts of things in totally different contexts. Not always happy-go-lucky ones, either! Notably, “big words”, “leather belt”, “we all have trash”, “stop touching my boobs”, and “I’m getting married”. Not neccessarily in that order or on the same night, but, some parts of my life are a bit of a blur. And, to think, all I did this weekend was cook and laundry!

  3. i must hava a simple mind, ‘cuz i am lost with this one. but, i concur with ghost, though i think that i just laugh at any sentence with “boobs”.

  4. god that lady is hot ;-)~

  5. Do I have to stop touching your breasts? Really??

  6. Great sampling of the weekend. And pic too.

  7. Sorry for your friends loss.


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