Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 23, 2005

Good tidings

Rents flew in from Jersey last night

Made plans for Kanye West concert on Friday

Took bubble bath

Had dinner with the ex

Healthier than an ox

My friends are super dooper and are bound to flog me for saying something like super dooper

Jo a.k.a. Master Hairball

Will see little sister, brother, nieces, nephews, and my adopted little sister tonight.

Will toast with champagne this evening for little sister’s belated birthday

Going to the dentist in 20 minutes

Er…which one doesn’t belong here?

Enjoy your holiday blog land.


  1. Firsties!

    I would take out the Dentist part, but hey . . . you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Congrats on the Ex and the nothing happening there.

    Ben O.

  2. enjoy the champagne and holiday. eat lots of oreos prior to dentist.

  3. You have a good weekend ahead of you!!! Kanye will rock I bet. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Ms. Sass.

  5. you too, sis

  6. Say Ah! Gotta make sure you have healthy strong teeth before you do all that chowin-down. I should have thought of that. Later

  7. Happy Thanksgiving neighbor


  9. Never have understood why one would maintain a friendly relationship with an ex. I mean, there’s a reason they’re an ex, right?

    Anyway, happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everything goes well!

  11. I’m friends with an ex or two. It has nothing to do with ever wanting to get back together with them. We both know we aren’t right for each other, but we were always great friends. It doesn’t work all the time of course. But if you can salvage a friendship out of it, it’s cool.

  12. I would guess that the trip to the dentist does not belong amongst a list of pleasurable events. After the dentist visit, did you have any teeth left to enable you to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner?

    Don’t worry if you use phrases that aren’t “cool.” My sister gets after me for that all the time.

    What kind of bubbly did you uncork?


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