Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 27, 2005

Just Sayin’

Thank Heaven For Little Girls


and big ones too.


All Thanksgivings should have a food fight or two

whip cream.jpg

and end with the family singing karaoke topped off watching Dad serenade Mom.



Source for above photo


  1. Okay, I really like that middle picture with everyone smiling. Holiday pictures with unhappy people in them are a little scary sometimes.
    And, should a food fight really involve *cans* of food? Talk about hardball!

    You know, i’ve always been tempted to send something to PostSecret, but I’m always afraid that someone will identify me, then use it against me.

  2. Great times and fond memories with the fam. How wonderful.

  3. OK, I just have to say I love reading your blog and I especially love the pictures. It always seems like there’s laughing and smiling in them. . .

  4. sounds (and looks!) like you had a good holiday. that’s awesome.

  5. is that your secret, sass?

  6. Looks like a good time!

  7. Ghost- family is the best kept secret. That’s what matters. Sigh – but it seems like I have so many friends who become more and more like family every day.


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