Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 1, 2005

When Bloggers Meet

This dumb ass blog has brought me a lot of trouble in my life as of late. While talking to my friends and recounting a story they stop me mid sentence and say, ďDidnít you write about this?Ē Or say, “This is going to end up on the blog.” Occasionally they blindly nod their head as though they are hearing the tale for the first time and force an ill contrived laugh. The majority of my friends mutter something like, ďBlog Schmog? Iím not reading that.Ē Even if they do, theyíll never admit it.

Strangers ask me about events I donít recall telling them. Has caused several drunken debaucherous moments where yours truly feels like that of an alazheimersí patient.

Have we met before? Did I really tell them that?

“Sass how did the date go with the (insert man of the moment name here).”

The epiphany hits. Ahhh that dumb ass blog. Perhaps you all know too much. . . or too little. What hits close to home and strikes a chord rarely ends up here. Rarely. Itís not censorship by any means. Itís self preservation. Once I write about it and hit publish he, she, and you are bound to know. This IS the smallest large city

Iíve met several of you and have had the pleasure of liking you as individuals. I read your voice, thoughts, opinions, and occasionally shed a tear for someone Iíve never met. Itís helped me realize that I am not the only one who gets this feeling of loneliness. Iím not the only one who walks in the door, drops the gym bag, letís out a sigh as I turn on the lights and mutter something like, ďFucking cat.Ē

Itís brought friends Iíve known like Sarah and her husband Bryan and Irfan closer to me.

Tomorrow I will get to meet yet another one of you. Weíve literally danced in circles around one another at parties without a proper introduction. We became friends through our blogs. Thatís so 2005.

Ladies and Gentlemen: go say hi to Reagan

Tomorrow weíre hitting the town and maybe tonight if I can drag her out. Sheís hott, sheís single, and weíre going to have a blast.


  1. Ah ha ha ha ha! I love it!

    I am so looking forward to tomorrow night. If I can convince my workout partner that I will not procrastinate on our routine over the weekend, I may join you tonight for a bit as well.

    Sarah-I have a feeling she’s still spinning from her vacation as she hasn’t responded to any of our sarcastic comments about her absence.

  2. BTW, I have the same issue with the damn blog!

  3. Yet another reason in favor of ending it (mine not yours).

  4. i love this damn blog.

  5. Don’t worry Ghost I’m not going anywhere.

    Justin – I vote for keeping yours

  6. hmmm…

    another intriguing post. keep it up!

    i never meet anyone online…but i think i’m the only one here in the wild west doing this sometimes.

    have fun this weekend.

  7. It’s so good to know that you’re not the only one out there that feels like that. I totally agree.

  8. I don’t object to meeting other bloggers (including those who only read without writing their own) but I don’t think I want someone who is more than an acquaintence reading my blog. No, I don’t write anything too personal (and when I do it’s arguably obscure) but at least I’ve got the option. So we can have lunch in the park, but that’s it. JUST LUNCH. ūüėČ

  9. Well, you know what I said on my blog about all that. Of course being stalked by a crazy ex-wife helps me with any hesitation when it comes to self-editing.

    Wouldn’t mind meeting some of you folks for lunch one day. A nice, safe lunch out in the nice, safe sunlight in a nice, safe restaurant with a convenient back door. Not that I’m paranoid about meeting any of you, or anything.

  10. It’s amazing how blogging brings people together. Ug that sounds like a bad ad or something. Have fun meeting a fellow blogger, it’s very exciting!

  11. close to me? yeah stalkishly close to me …

  12. I don’t think I’d have the balls to say to someone, “hey, I know you, I read your blog! Funny! You don’t look the type who’s into whips and chains!” I would imagine the response I would get would have the words “restraining order” on the top left corner.

  13. You never know, Jason, you might end up married!

  14. This bears repeating, I need to move to Houston

  15. Haven’t met another blogger… yet.

  16. Plantation, trust me on this one. Getting married to someone into the whips and chains scene is NOT, I repeat, NOT, worth moving to Houston. Don’t think too hard about it, just take my word for it, okay?

  17. Enjoy!

  18. Network Geek, if I end up marrying another blogger my wife is really going to be pissed off at me.

  19. Blogger or not, Jason, I’m just suggesting staying away from those whips and chains girls. One way or another, someone gets hurt, and not always in a good way.

    Whoopsie! That cynical melancholy is showing again! Sorry. Well, according to my PC’s clock, it’s quittin’ time. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  20. Or like that time you met that guy at the grocery store. The people who read your blog are everywhere.

  21. oh!! i wish i would have known sooner!!! oh well…maybe next time

  22. thanks for the love ladies, but alas, i was busy preparing for my company’s christmas after-party… it was WILD. bailey’s and coffee was flowin’, ella fitz on the stereo and we even busted out cranium. try not to be jealous that you missed out on such a crazy night.
    hope you hotties had fun… i am IN on the next girl’s night.


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