Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 3, 2005


I’m not screwing up this one. She’s on her way over in an hour. The celebration begins to wish one of my B.F.F. a happy birthday. I don’t mean Back Street Fan Forever or Big Fat Friend.


Ronda’s got this funny little dance she does when she gets all riled up. Shake that Laffy Taffy.



  1. You really do have a good life with good friends, don’t you? You’re quite a lucky person, me thinks. . .

  2. Yeah I am. I think it’s an attitude. Maybe it’s dumb luck, I don’t know. Those in my life are amazing, I’m the lucky one.

    Getting ready for champagne brunch now as today, Sunday, is her actual birthday.

  3. ohhhh…champaigne brunch…i need one of those

  4. You’ve got to post some video of that dance! I want to get the full effect!

  5. All your friends are hot.


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