Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 5, 2005

wrapped up in a memory

Five years ago while sitting on the couch at my sisters freezing my toosh off my brother-in-law nonchalantly tossed an over sized sweatshirt and said, “This should keep you warm. Ya know what, you can have it.”

I’ve been wearing the over sized sweatshirt for three hours now.

My sister studdered down the stairs while glaring at me. “Wh… Where did you get that?”

Her husband began to cheer laughter as the Steelers made a touchdown.

F:I gave it to her. Its her color don’t you think?”

J: You just sounded so gay.

My sister chuckling to herself and at her own humility whined his name and hid a smile.


The sweatshirt was her favorite from college, now it’s mine. The former owner who gave it to her doesn’t matter(an exboyfriend) because to me, its from the two of them. They’ve since picked out sweatshirts together that are unitarily, “more their color.”

The arms loosely hang an extra six inches of unneccesary material. The length hits midway down my thigh and rests on a patch ofreckles. An extra large blue sweatshirt from UNC Chappel Hill that wears the statment “Carolina Law”.

I could live here in this type of comfort. This is my fire place and fuzzy slippers.

Merry Christmas and Charlie Brown.

Work with me here, I’m trying to get into the spirit.

“In my mind I’m goin to Carolina”


  1. i always thought big, chunky sweatshirts looked great on women. of course, you may need to wash it now, ha, ha.

  2. I don’t blame you. Big sweatshirts, fireplaces. Sounds pretty cozy. I’d stay too.

  3. i’m having a hard time getting in the christmas spirit…maybe i need one of them

  4. Desert Boy, I’m with you. I *love* big, goofy sweatshirts on chicks, especially if they started out as mine.

    So, Sass, freckles? Having a hard time picturing that. Better take a picture and share it. ;}

  5. I have a sweatshirt like this!

  6. wait a minute..where’s my sweatshirt?

  7. Or as Kramer would say, “In my mind, I’m already gone.”

  8. Baggy sweatshirts do look good on women, but not as good as a tank top and boxers… or maybe just a dress shirt and nothing else…

    Sorry, I’m back now. :o)

    Charlie Brown Christmas – one of the best cartoons ever. That and “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”, if you can find it.

  9. Oh hey, Sass, could you email me? My email is on my profile. I have a question to ask ya…

    Thanks! :o)

  10. NG. I break out in freckles all the time.

    Sorry Ghost I’m not giving it back.

    Zombie check ur email

  11. In the winter, I come home from work and change into one of four sweatshirts and some yoga pants. My day usually only gets better from there…

  12. I have a life like this… thanks for helping me put a name on what I was feeling.

  13. Well, you know my feelings regarding Charlie Brown. Love the JT reference, too.


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