Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 7, 2005


Iíve been wrestling with the words to tell you for quite some time. I try to catapult them from my lips. The letters wind up loosely woven together into nothing of substance.

In my mind you are masterfully intriguing all on your own. I can hardly concentrate on mass because you have a way of commanding my focus. My eyes bounce from one page to another and back to you in reiteration. Your presence eludes resolve while my restraint leaps out the window. I want your smile to shine down on me, hand out stretched, and allow your eyes to commit arson burning down the walls my years have built.

My imagination runs wild thinking about what I would do if our eyes actually met.

I want you to swing open the door, catch me off guard, and escape into the night with my deepest feelings. I am absolutely convinced if I had five minutes with you that you would be more amazing than Iíve imagined in your own right.

To me you are everything.

I have vague plans to melt and reconfigure all the railroad tracks in the universe if I donít meet you before my one way ticket to eternity expires.

Till then, Iíll be waiting second star to the right.

I want it like that.

How can you miss someone you donít know or have yet to meet?

Now get back to work.


  1. Very easily ūüôā

  2. It happens all the time honey.

  3. tell me about it

  4. oh, just go meet him, sass. what’s to lose?

  5. nothing to lose and everything to gain. go see what happens.

  6. How can you miss someone you donít know or have yet to meet?

    Very true. And yet, I find myself doing that…

  7. How interesting…
    Who, what, where, how and when? Tell us more about this guy you want to meet. Thinking about him in *mass*? How deliciously naughty!

    Oh, crap, work, right…

  8. I feel the same way about Catherine Zeta Jones.

  9. I often miss someone I don’t know or have yet to meet. Too true.

  10. Oh Miss Sass do you think you are looking for perfection?

    I will never understand how attractive intelligent woman are single.

  11. Damn, I thought this was all about me up until that last bit there.

  12. Missing someone you dont know or haven’t met…yeah, been there, done that. Three years of high school were like that for me. *sigh*

  13. I fully understand the problem. I find myself in the same boat.

  14. So my friends have been asking me if this post was about x, y, z, or possibly the mysterious C. I wrote this after my Catholic Mother told me to stop looking for PERFECTION. Here it is in blue and white. It wasn’t about ANYONE people. It’s about falling for someone you don’t know and falling for someone you want. Falling for the idea of what they are and what ideally you want.

    And not settling for anything less. What’s wrong with that?

  15. Aw, I was looking forward to some good gossip! Oh, well, obviously it was well written enough to convince us. Well done.

  16. Nice.

  17. I loved this! I know exactly how it feels. And I loved the line about melting down the railroad tracks. Would you mind if I quoted you on that?

  18. And straight on til morning… Honey, I’ll be waiting with you.


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