Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 15, 2005

Eye to Eye

We would have traded Garbage Pale Kid Cards on the playground, passed notes in the 7th grade, and taken our driving tests together if we knew one another back then.

I call, text, or email and she does simultaneously.

While you were texting me I sent you an email asking the same thing.

Scientists scratch their heads in wonderment.

Shes from West Virginia and me, I tend to forget.

Recall how I met her? The awkward connection between lovers, dreamers, and friends.

Last night I was stuck at a dinner meeting smack dab between a medical litigation attorney and a doc who couldnt speak through his own accent. What not to say in this situation.

Litigation Attorney: We give out these cookbooks where all of the associates supply recipes and we slyly insert their bios. Turn to page.
J: Mmmm (fascinating)
L.A.: Youll se my recipe, for tortilla soup and Blah Blah Blah . . .they didnt put in my bio that I am an ex bull rider.
J: That would have been next to the meatballs?.

Insert Entertaining Coworker spilling wine.

The light on my phone flashed an incoming text message.

Are you coming?
I promise. The moment the speaker is done Ill be there.

The speaker droned on .. my coworker rolled his eyes.

The 20 minute preview of the movie that led her to fall in love, travel to Berlin, and back again was set to debut precisely at 8:30 fashionably late.

8:45 I slammed the door of my car leaving the Medical Center and pointed my car in the Southward direction when the light came on.

It just started.
Im flying.

Downtown Houston is cumbersome. Main Street is a commercial Mecca for bars, restaurants, rails, and statues. Cars cant drive down a mile stretch in downtown on Main, its reserved for late night partiers, drunks, and wandering homes.

I shifted the car into park turned off the headlights when the light came on again again.

It just ended.

I ran and ran down brick paved sidewalks and passed decorated store windows. My heel caught in the crevice of a steel gate as a homeless man looked at me in my black barely legal for Catholic school skirt and black stockings, Momma.

This really wasnt a good idea.

Running through my head like a bad pick up line was, I let her down. Im not there for what she worked on for over a year. Im truly awful.

Startled at the rapid click, click, click of my heels punching the pavement a man smoking a pipe shuttered into a dark corner.

Is this the measure of our friendship? That I would miss this for her? In the distance I heard someone yell, Run Red Run.

A heavy set man dressed in black attire doubling for Tony Soprano swung open the front door as I approached. She stood next to three laughing, empty handed.

Our hearts met the moment our eyes did.

I went to say something like. Im sorry. I tried.

I know. You made it. Have you met my friend Jessica?


  1. friendships like these are what life’s about.

  2. Sometimes, the universe just conspires against us. Friends understand that.

  3. ::stunned::

  4. Downtown Houston has wandering homes? You said “meatballs”.

  5. That is real friendship.

  6. very sweet jess

  7. I am confused. Are you saying you are anti-text message?

  8. I’m confused why we don’t have pictures of you in the barely legal dress.

  9. SO, how was the movie????? I want to be a director…someday…

  10. Great post!! Gotta love the text messaging though…:)


  11. Erveryone needs a friend like that.

  12. you are an awesome person!

  13. I love your friend! You should count yourself lucky. Also, I tried to watch the garbage pail kids movie when it was on HBO a couple weekends ago. I couldn’t do it. It creeped me out.


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