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Silver and Gold

2006 began with a man carrying me up a flight of stairs, the way one does across a threshold. We abandoned a party for one more familiar. One drink and two glasses of champagne, strike that 3 glasses of champagne and I was ready for somber pastures. I could have walked on my own accord but he offered and I was flying in the air before a defiant no could escape my lips. The night as predicted, was nookie free. But there was some good spooning involved. He’s a friend so get your mind out of the gutter and remember, “I’m a lady.”

Sunday morning he sat in my apartment while I finished the final touches. We were discussing his latest break up and ďwhatĒ he was looking for. I explained all of my married siblings relationships. The common theme amoung all four couples, they are friends. The parents any would be proud to have knowing fate would grant its usual hard times and their ability to sift through the mud together.

J: My oldest brotherís wife is one of my best friends. She
knows whatís going on in my life before my friends do 90 percent of the time. They are amazing parents together and know how to put the kids to bed then stay up sharing a bottle of wine talking (really talking).
C: Isnít that great, thatís what we all want.
J: Yeah it is. Iím not painting a rose colored picture of their marriage. They fight and have had some doozies.
C: Who doesnít?
J: Why do we live in a society where no one talks about the fights causing people to encase themselves in glass houses and Norman Rockwell photos?
C: Why do you think Desperate Housewives is so popular? (Duh)

We were then off to meet up with the best Houston has to offer, my nearest and dearest friends.


Some of our guys were there as well. We had a J. (The Perfect Gentleman), a C. (the Drummer), T. (the Hip Hop Dancer), and Cl. (Newest Edition). Three hours and five hundred dollars later, the decision was served. Hillary abandoned the groups focus turned and said,

ďIf this is indicative of how the year is going to be I canít wait.Ē

I clinked my glass with a spoon, stood up, and made a toast. I donít recall exactly what I said other than it ended with everyone wiping a tear and something about regardless of our small fights ďWe all still love each other.Ē

Enter dollar vodkas and yours truly being in bed by 7pm.

I woke today with that feeling of waking up in a hospital and realizing my legs were amputated. I dreamt of the faceless man last night. Casually we sat on the bed silently discussing the physics of finding a home in one another. He moved with the vivid swipe of a superhero encasing my waist with his strong arm. It was then I woke realizing it was the weight of my own arm I felt. Leaping off the couch I had fallen asleep on, I went for a jog, showered, explored the Museum of Fine Arts latest exhibit, hit up Blockbuster and the grocery store.

Anyone who knows me understands I heart John Cusack forever. He first had me when I saw the stalker movie Say Anything. Forget Matt Damon or that cheater Brad Pitt. Give me Cusack or Affleck any day and Baby Iím yours till the poets run out of rhyme. I should feel guilty for wasting the last half of a holiday indoors, especially in sunny 70 degree weather. However, Must Love Dogs is a new release. Iíve cooked vegetable spinach lasagna from scratch thank-you very much and as I sit here typing this Johnís character pauses, clasps his hands, leans across the table and says,

I think your heart grows back bigger, once you get the shit beat out of you. And the universe lets your heart expand that way. I think thatís the function of all the pain and heartache that we all go through.


Hello 2006. My pleasure to meet you. And hereís to hoping we have plenty of pleasure.


  1. I read this on your posts all of the time, but I have to say it now, too. You are an amazing writer. Being able to show the reader the picture, instead of telling about the picture is a rare gift. I truly enjoy your writing.
    I see my younger brother and his wife in what you say. The problem, I fear, is that I will never find a friend like that.

    Good night, beautiful. Dream well of Mr. Cusack.

  2. Lloyd Dobbler rocks.

  3. First, let me start by saying this: Anyone who hearts John Cusack is just good people. But we already knew that about you.

    Starting the year with good friends, champagne and John Cusack is a good omen for 2006.

  4. Spooning is so awesome. It’s such a great feeling. Anyways, best of luck in 2006.

  5. “Kickboxing, Sport of the Future?”

    “I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.”

    Hot Pursit may, in fact, be my all-time favorite “I must laugh at my life NOW film. And, well, Grosse Pointe Blank is just how I pictured my 10 year reunion going, short of Benny “The Jet” Urquidez. Yeah, funny is a good way to start the year. Very good.

  6. Excellent to read this morning! Happy new year. Oh, and Mr. Cusak? Love him, really do. Best to you.

  7. love it jess! note: new blog…check it out lemme know what you think

  8. eloquent.

  9. I heart John too. It sounds like your 2006 is off to a great start!

  10. I loved this post Jess! It felt like the end of a good movie. You are lucky to have the people around you that you do.

  11. I wish my sons would meet a girl like you!

    Sensational post ūüôā

  12. I really enjoyed ‘Must Love Dogs.’ Diane Lane is a hottie, too.

  13. Everybody should have a friend that will carry them up stairs. I don’t think I will have one though. Weigh over 200.

  14. I enjoy reading your blog. This post reminded me of a song. It’s called “she has eyes” by L7. I haven’t read the lyrics so maybe it’s just the song title that you remind me of. Funny because this was a song I had reseverved for a woman I knew years ago that I no longer talk to (such as life) and a lot of what you write rings familiar to me. Except you have a pot to ***** in and she didn’t.

  15. So, I get home from work and start cooking dinner and flip the TV on while I’m waiting. Guess what was on AMC? Yeah, Say Anything

  16. Cusack was the guy I always wanted to be when everyone else wanted to be Bruce Willis or one of the guys from Gladiators (the kickboxing movie, not the Russ Crowe film). I thought I grew out of it, but then he did High Fidelity and he sucked me right back in.

  17. One of the (very) few nice things about being home days… Now Playing

  18. Happy 2006!

  19. Fabulous post love. I’m happy to be a part of your life.

    BTW, you must invite me over for some of that lasagna sometime soon.



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