Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 3, 2006

Riddle Me This

While cleaning up shrapnel from the tornado that terrorized my apartment this past weekend I heard a loud bang and hit the floor. I shielded my head with my arms crumpled over in the fetal position the way an extra does in a Spike Lee movie.

Two hours earlier while walking through the parking garage my neighbor across the hall stopped me and wanted to know if I heard anyone breaking into his apartment over the weekend and did anyone try to break into mine? We live in a relatively nice high rise. Ive always felt safe because the resident cop lives two doors down, and I have a mean round house kick. Walking on splintered glass in my own head and clinging to the safety of my sanity while trying not to think of possible robberies, I was wondering why the front office had not notified the residents of said activity when;


I hit the ground.

Nothing broke or shattered.

I have a direct view of downtown Houston from my balcony. Bright lights were shining through the blinds as the loud explosions continued.



Big city fireworks over downtown on a Tuesday?

Do it again.

** I kept waiting for an explanation on the 10:00 News, yet they did not even mention it. My two hunches

1. Celebration for Mayor Bill Whites second inauguration

2. Anticipation of UT playing in the Rose Bowl tomorrow.

Either way, nice surprise Houston. Thanks for the twinkle in my eye.


  1. Hopefully, it is for UT…because they won’t see any during or after the game.

  2. Well, if UT wins tomorrow, expect a lot more banging and booming. Good luck.

  3. We must live in neighboring neighborhoods because those booms sent me under cover as well. I’m looking at the Comical for explanation. Until I find one, I’m going to go with inauguration.

  4. i heard those too! jersey instantly went into “protect-my-house” mode and barked the most vicious bark i’ve ever heard. bryan and i had front row seats on our 2nd-floor balcony… nice surprise!!

  5. Did you ever find out what the boom, boom was?

  6. I LOVE fireworks. Glad it was something cool and not someone trying to break in!

  7. here’s hoping ut kicks usc’s arse.

  8. I hope it wasn’t a gunshot. I’ve heard as many as 9 of those in a row on new years eve. So far, though, no 21 gun salutes.

  9. i hear gunshots sometimes in my neighborhood. people are not so bright really.

  10. Sass, I have already begun the pregame celebration… Consuming alcohol as we speak…. 🙂

    Hook Em’ Horns


  11. Football has a National Championship game? I feel so out of the loop.

  12. Good surprise…definitely better than a break-in!

  13. I’ve heard of a bang leaving one with a twinkle in their eye … but never a boom.

  14. oh…i thought those were just in my head 😉

  15. OK, lost me 🙂

  16. John Cusack and fireworks the first week of ’06? This is going to be a banner year for you!

  17. I hear gunshots a lot around here. I just say “another day in da hood ya’ll.” Everytime I hear a siren in the distance, I swear I hear rap music going along with it. We must be in a Singleton movie.

  18. Texas played a great game. I admit it, I was wrong. Congrats!

  19. It was indeed your guess #1 … celebration of Mayor White’s Inauguration. I would have loved to go down to Eleanor Tensley Park to watch them if there would have been any notice what-so-ever. Oh well, I only heard them because I have no view of the sky from Ms. Kitty’s small 10 x 10 yard.

  20. it was for mayor’s second inauguration and rest of the elected officials.


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