Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 5, 2006

Bush delivers for Texas

Going Nowhere Fast


Sexy Man Ew Ew

sexy man EW EW.jpg

Red Bull Really Does Give You Wings

redbullgives youwings.jpg

That’s Much Better Matt


We’re Number ONE Ya’ll

number on ya'll.jpg

Those guys have game and mad skillz.

Earth Rooster, we need more men like you who can admit their wrongs.


  1. It also doesn’t hurt when the refs miss all sorts of calls and allow for touchdowns when the runner is down by contact. *shrug* However, given that I don’t care about either team, game on.

  2. *sigh*
    Matthew. What a hottie!

  3. I don’t watch football as a general rule, but I watched the last half of THE GAME in honor of my Texas blog friends. It was so exciting!! I’m so glad they won!!!

  4. Also, I lick Matthew. I mean LIKE. I LIKE him.

  5. Justin – why be (as Soleil would say) a Negative Nancy all the time? Yeah -there were some rotten calls on both sides. There always are in life and sports. Let’s not rain on this parade.

  6. It’s a fantastically orange day!!!

  7. thanks, sass, for the post! HOOK ‘EM!!!!!!!!

    and justin, my dear, do you really believe that vince wouldn’t have just scored on the next play? and how about that interception by the longhorn secondary (not called by the refs) after which usc scored? you can’t piss and moan about one miss call and ignore the others. sorry, pal, but your point is misguided. the call wouldn’t have likely changed the outcome. that, and wasn’t there a particularly important missed call at a certain notre dame game?

  8. Why must Matthew be so hot? Remember when he was in “A Time to Kill” and he just went through that movie being the sexiest thing to ever hit the big screen? And when he was all sweaty on the porch…that was awesome. And when he was in court in the suit -whew! Yummy.

    Oh wait, this post was about football right? Um yeah, go Texas! And Matthew…go Matthew! *sigh*

  9. Yea, I’d love to lick Matt too! Penelope … you lucky bitch!

  10. the game was fun. the end almost made me puke.

  11. more matt! more matt! ROWR!!!

  12. you’re a LONGHORN too?? I think I blove you a little more! Hook ’em Horns!!

  13. Oh shit, that caption scares me. Can I mess with Texas or do I need to wait a week?

  14. Congratulations?

  15. Nissa,
    Actually I went to school in San Diego – but have jumped on the bandwagon b/c a bunch of my friends are Longhorns. Plus, after the world series let down – it’s nice to see the men in orange pull through.

    Mess away – it’s a play on the names b/c USC’s star players name is Bush.

  16. Oh, I had no idea Reggie Bush, winner of the Heisman Trophy and future Houston Texan, played football for USC. I am so clueless sometimes.

  17. Hey, is there anyone in Texas that doesn’t wear those LiveStrong bracelets? Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  18. Yeah there are a lot of people who still wear those. It’s a great sentiment and all, but yellow doesn’t go with my outfit ever – well – rarely ever.

  19. You clearly need to accessorize your plastic bracelets then. There are plenty of different colored bracelets available these days. Everyone wants to be like Lance.

  20. My friend Sarah wrote a blog entry about that a while ago. Her blog is on hiatus currently – to bad b/c it was funny. Those bracelets got out of hand.

  21. Not that I don’t have 2 or 3 of the yellow ones myself. I just don’t wear them any longer. Great cause though.

  22. The only positive thing that I can think of that will come from UT’s win last night is that surely Vince Young will now enter the NFL draft. Please, Vince. Please. You have nothing more to prove in college. Take the money, man.

  23. If I am wrong, I will admit it. But thanks for the love, anyway.

    SD? UCSD or SDSU? Fresno State guy myself, but I had to root for the Cali team.

  24. Congrats. Great game and for Reg.

  25. HOOK’EM HORNS!!!

    Awesome POST!!!! and great blog… I don’t know how you found me but I’m glad you did….


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