Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 12, 2006

Please Deposit Zero Cents

Honestly, I don’t know how I ever got by without text messaging.

I’ve been holding on to memories and catch phrases like a child that can’t stop sucking her thumb. They are my photographs in a private collection tucked neatly away for rainy days and mudslides.
The details of a moment and the metaphysics of happenstance one’s mind chooses to remember are as confusing as Kevin Federline getting a record deal (explain that one to me).

Time passes quickly while heart stopping moments are replaced by another as the sand drains from the hourglass. I choose to hold on to moments past and step into a time machine longing to relive their greatness. The way she tossed her hair, how he shook the sweetener to the bottom of the packet, a gentle tap with his ring in the midst of our conversation, a line from a movie where we both turned and laughed uncontrollably, a verse in a song we sing by heart.

It’s during these insignificant moments where it’s just the two of us. The world moves into the background. Loud and obnoxious it soars in the distance. Yet, I hear only your laughter, see only your smile, and let your words make a mark on my heart retaining the splice of time.

Wednesday afternoon I sat silently waiting for my appointment neither happy nor sad, just bored. My phone began to chirp when the text came through,

What are you, the Flying Nun?

Instantly my eyes lit up as a peep escaped my lips causing several to noticeably shift in their seats. Shooting back to my childhood friend, I replied,

Holy Shit it’s the attack of Eddie Monster.

Text messages can act as a tunicate to move from grey polluted city skies to a Tiki bar in Maui – the messaged mood lifter. Ragged one liners mean nothing to an outsider. To those on the inside of the joke, they are old Hollywood black and white simplicity, uncontrollable laughter, and a rebel yell while you’re waiting for an appointment between the hours of nine to five.

Go ahead. Reach out and text someone.


  1. i have to say, i’m not a big fan of the text messaging. i think it’s b/c i have sprint, and you have to connect and wait blah blah blah.
    but i’m an email fanatic. check it millions of times a day.

  2. Truth is I don’t know how you get by without text messages either! πŸ˜‰ You and your Crackberry. πŸ™‚

  3. I love text messaging! Seriously, everytime I see that little envelop pop up I just grin. Hmmmm, makes me want to send a text to someone right now.

  4. i’ve never text messaged anyone. in fact, i often don’t even get the ones sent to me until days later. i guess i’m kinda lame that way. but there’s really only so many penguins you can fit on an iceberg.

  5. I am also a big fan of the text messaging. Mostly because I usually only get texts from three people, all of whom I adore, so it’s always a treat. I’m totally sending some texts to people RIGHT NOW.

  6. I text message everyday. I like it so much more than voice mail or actually talking on the phone. The message is sucinct and to the point. No extras! It’s beautiful!

  7. i live by text messaging!!! 600 in one month one time…yeah baby!!!

  8. Sarah – we need to get you a sidekick like Paris

    Steve – i know, i drive you crazy b/c i won’t answer my phone and then send you a text msg asking, SUP?

    Kendra- DO IT DO IT!

    D.B. – See what El Paso does to a man.

    Amber, Anon Shannon, & Wendi – you hit it right on the money. Texting is much more efficient than blabbering on the phone about what’s for dinner. Wendi – only 600?

  9. It must be like music, you know, if it’s too loud, you’re too old? Well, those little keypads take too long, so I guess I’m just old enough to be behind the curve. Though, I do love e-mail. I can send mail at three in the morning, when I’m awake and obsessing about something, but not disturb whoever I’m sucking into my obsessive behavior.

    (And, sadly, Federline’s junk will sell because, well, he’s who he is. Celebrity defies logic.)

  10. I like the functionality of text – you say what you want and don’t have to chat about it. My favorite text has to be… I’m on my way.

  11. Texting is cool. It’s the new email.

  12. I LOOOOVE text messaging!

  13. This is exactly how I feel about Instant Messaging. I embrace technology.

  14. Not too much though, you can get texters finger! πŸ™‚

  15. Damn, my huge ass excuse for a phone doesn’t have text messaging. I guess I’ll only be reaching out to myself. sniffle, sniffle…

  16. I might be taking this text messaging thing to far. I just checked my on line log, it’s only the 12th and I’ve sent 403 and received 540.

  17. I L txt msg.

  18. I think at least 100 are from me?

  19. When I worked nights I got a lot of text messages. A nice way to relieve boredom. One night my buddy and I were so bored we texted “Friday” lines all night. Now, on days, I wonder why I have the damn feature.

    I understand about the private photos tucked away. However after awhile I found myself fretting over what I should have done at a particular time and it drove me nuts. So, I just keep taking pictures until I get it right.

  20. LOL. Well put Sass. My favorite texts were naughty ones from a German guy I met. Took me awhile to translate them but they were worth it.

  21. I LIVE by Text mesaging………….

  22. I love technology! Great post!

  23. i love the lost boys.

  24. Ghost – you’re the only one to have understood the
    Lost Boys reference. πŸ˜‰

  25. πŸ™‚

  26. If you provide the #, I’ll provide the next. Say, arent’ you too young to remember The Flying Nun and Eddie Munster?


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