Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 13, 2006

Spoon Full of Sugar Round 2

E: I donít like it up here
J: At least itís not windy
T: Are there more people getting on?

My back was to the city, we were suspended some 500 yards above ground.

J: I donít know, Iím not turning around to look down.
T: Your brother would never do this. He hates heights.
J: So do I.
E: Me too.

T. stood up and leaned over the edge to see if more people were getting on the ferris wheel as the cart began to shake.

E. grabbed the side and said with a wry smile, ď Oh geeez.Ē
T: I canít tell.

The cart we were riding in rolled to the top and stopped.

E: Oh great now weíre going to be stuck at the top.
T: I canít believe how nice the city looks at night.
J: I know, no one does this. Itís the perfect date thing to do.
T: Didnít you and Mom do this when she came down.
J: Yeah, when I ďaccidentallyĒ got Mom drunk at a wine tasting.
T: And she threw up:
E: Dad wonít let her live that down.

We were finally doing something we had been putting off for months. A child was getting sick or I was busy. Enough was enough. We planned the night for my sister-in-law to pick up my younger sister and leave their husbands to tie up the kids in a room while they played online poker and drank whisky.

It really was the best date for a Thursday, frankly thereís no place I would rather have been than with them. We went for sushi and upside down cake pineapple martinís, rode the ferris wheel, a stop at a clothing boutique bar downtown, and ended with a little shake your rump dance time.

The night ended as predicted with a kiss on the cheek and, ďIíll call you tomorrow about your brotherís day weíre not going to talk about.Ē



Iím still running the half marathon on Sunday, only I forgot to register and had to scram looking for someone who registered but isnít able to run it due to injury. Iím running under someone whose last name I canít even pronounce. I havenít ran all week, Sundayís going to hurt. Itíll hurt my brother more.

Thanks for letting me borrow your wife last night N. and Happy early Birthday. Iíll see you Sunday afternoon; Iíll be the one crawling on the floor asking you to hand me an Amstel Light and a heating pad.


  1. Good luck with the half marathon and your brother ūüôā

  2. Man, nobody let’s me borrow their wives anymore. Oh, wait, maybe I see the problem there….

    Yeah, good luck with that voluntary torture thing, er, I mean half marathon, too. Brother’s, though, I think you’ll find far more forgiving than you’d imagine. We get used to the things our sisters put us through. ūüėČ

  3. Jess, good luck on Sunday! Cheyenne and I will be near Studemont and Allen Parkway cheering folks on.

    Oh, and that Ferris Wheel? I still endure ridicule from the nephew from the time I held the inner pole in surpised fear and wouldn’t let either him or my niece sit near the door.

  4. was this at astroworld? i heard that it’s closing…is that true? wow, i haven’t been on a ferris wheel in years.

  5. Alison, I’ll have on a pink Nike hat.

    D.B. Astroworld closed a few months back. There is a huge ferris wheel downtown next to the Aquarium

  6. Wau cool about the half marathon. I am scheduled to run my first at the end of the summer. Should be interesing!

    Oh and I am feeling much better today. Hope your days is well.

  7. run sass run!!

  8. Sounds like a great date! Good luck this weekend and Happy Birthday to your bro.

  9. heating pad. its an out of shape runners best friend.

  10. Best of luck Sunday. That’s so admirable.

    I have a picture of my sister and I on the Astroworld Ferris Wheel that was probably taken before you were born. Yes, I was there when the 8th wonder of the world opened.

  11. Take aspirin the night before the marathon. It will help with the lactic acid build up afterwards!

    Happy B’day to your brother!

    Wow! That sounds like an awesome date! Glad you had fun! ūüôā

  12. Good Luck on the marathon. Hope that you aren’t too bad off in the morning.

  13. I loved the line about tying the kids up and locking them in a room while they played online poker and drank whiskey. Funny picture.


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