Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 15, 2006

No easy way out

I slowed down for a walk break when she grabbed my arm pulling me along with her as she said,

Come on, lets go. Its not that simple. You cant walk. The worst is behind us.

Breathe I told myself as I shuffled along the route.

You have a good pace.
This is comfortable, its good.
Honey, its nothing about comfort. Its about strength and character.

Mile ten my right knee began to hurt. Its an all too familiar pain. Pounding the pavement in repetitive fashion my knee was being hit with a hammer. Over and over again. My IT band was tight causing my knee to buckle, (* IT Band runs from your hip, down your quad, to your inner knee) this injury put me out of commission while I was training for the Marine Core Marathon two years ago). I was trying to run through the pain, ignore it, and hope it would go away.

Lets run the rest together. Im Jessica

Of course she is.

So am I.

We both laughed.

We finished with shaking legs and smiling at one another.

It wasnt my best time, and wont be my worst. But I did work through the pain.



  1. WAY TO GO!!
    So proud of you, and now I’d like to offer my post-marathon rubdown services. 😉

  2. Good for you, Sass. Good for you. Never easy to work through the pain and finish the race. Good for you.

  3. Way to go! I am glad to hear that worked through the pain. Hopefully, you didn’t do any further damage. (Speaking from experience).

  4. Well done! I’m sure it’s quite a feeling that you have. And you got the added bonus of starting your run beneath one of the most stunning sunrises to break over this city in quite some time…

  5. Congrads! I can only really run if someone’s chasing me. . .

  6. Lots of stretching and massaging! oh and ASPRIN and water.


  8. awesome.

  9. Well done Jess! I certainly couldn’t put myself through that kind of endurance.

  10. Congrats on finishing the race kid. Those are the runs that really build the character!


  11. i’m so proud of you!!!

  12. Good Job! Way to finish.

  13. Congratulations and Well Done! 🙂

  14. Congrats! I was totally thinking of you yesterday while I was at the gym on the treadmill. I didn’t do the miles you did, but I was pulling for you! 🙂

  15. I forgot to subscribe to text messaging update on your times, but I did look up your times on the marathon website after the marathon. You did good. Congragulations.

  16. Awesome job! I was running with you in spirit while physically sitting on my couch!

  17. I can admire the whole running through pain thing.

  18. Fantastic work. That happened at mile 10 and you completed the sucker? How awesome!

    I will keep this story in mind while doing my Ironman in August. It’s inspirational and shit. Congrats once again.

  19. You make it seem so noble an undertaking. And fullfilling. Keep writing about such things and you might just inspire me to something insane like run just for fun. Might.

  20. Sounds like me when I did the 30 mile breast cancer walk last year in crazy heat and up steep hills. I didn’t understand the true meaning of sheer will power until that weekend.

  21. I’ve never run more than 2 miles. That’s all I do on my daily run around the neighborhood. Your accomplishment blows my mind. Really.


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