Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 18, 2006

a speck of sand

Thereís nothing subtle about the flight from Dallas to Houston. I sat with my book folded in two across my lap and thankful for the exhausted business man too tired to make conversation. The plane rose from 500 ft. to 10,000 ft. in a span of three minutes. Itís that feeling you get when climbing the crest of a roller coaster waiting, anticipating the decent, and suddenly youíre VERTICAL in the sky. The plane enters the county I know and explore. Another city. Iím alone. The span of the city spread comes into clear view reminiscent of a Lite Brite toy. Rows and endless rows of city streets, highways, shopping centers, homes, and automobiles flickering against the dark sky. I turn my head looking back towards the sunset reminded of the evening my brother in law proposed to my sister in Las Colinas. So young and so ideal they were. They are still, so real. Always striving and never wanting to stand still or move backwards.

Thatís how it is my friends.

Hopefully you heard the Mayor of New Orleans comments on MLK Day. I give you this.




  1. Holy crap! Did he really say that? Wow…should I get the “chocolate” t-shirt, or the “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job!” t-shirt…?

  2. That is SO frickin funny sassy!! You need to come listen to my latest post for more Nagin greatness.. You will be rolling on the floor! ūüôā
    Hope you have a terrific day babe!


  3. Really enjoy your blog. Just wanted you to know.

  4. I liked his charisma right after the hurricane, but this chocolate talk of his makes me want to rent a few movies or have a chocolate sundae. It doesn’t does anything to further the plight of the evacuees and his residents. It has been a tough four months for the guy though.

  5. The guy is such a dumbass! He even dug himself deeper when he tried to explain his idea of a “Chocolate City”. Imagine the ourage if some mayor (of another city) wanted to make a “Vanilla City”!

    A flight into a big city, that you play in, is always more ineresting at night.

  6. For some reason, the thing that caught me in this post was “Another city. Iím alone.” Lately, I’ve really gotten the feeling that we’re all these tiny universes of thought trapped in little, hard shells of personality just wandering through the world trying to find our way.
    Or maybe I just need more coffee.

    Anyway… Hope you’re sleeping better these days.

  7. lol! Witty, very witty!

  8. by the time i would drive to love, park, check in, flight, land, leave iah or hobby, i was over three hours. which is pretty much the drive.

    yup, ya gotta think before ya speak, nagey.

  9. dallas. down in my neck of the woods.

  10. Sass, I can always count on you to make me laugh!

  11. ummmm yeah – what the hell was he thinking? it’s almost like subtle racism…wait! it IS subtle racism!

  12. I like Wendy saying Bitch Please. That was great. I hate the take off and landing on planes.

  13. Taking off is my favourite part of the plane ride. What are you doing in Dallas?? Hope that you pick up “Life After God” I would love to hear what you think about it when you are done.

    Take care,


  14. I can’t figure out if Nagin is an idiot or a genius.

    But one thing I do know: You’re a rockstar, Sass!

  15. Oh, too funny!

  16. All politicians pu their foot in their mouth every once in a while, but this definitely takes the “chocolate” cake!

  17. Lovin’ the Lite Brite lick. WIsh I would have used it. Holla!

  18. Yeah I heard that. Unbelievable. Have a good trip though.

  19. Hey Sass! Hope you have a great weekend! Just stopped by to say chello…..

    Holla at cha


  20. Trust me there guy, Nagin is a total jackass. There isn’t a shred of genius anywhere inside that bald head of his.
    If you read up on Louisiana history, especially New Orleans it is filled with political favoritism, corruption, scandel, and even murder at some points in time. Since Nagin can’t run on his record of ‘leadership’ he has to run on the race card which unfortunaly works all too often. Remember Marion Barry? Washington DC mayor, videotaped smoking crack, and still gets elected because he used the race card.

  21. Did I misspell scandal? Dammit!

  22. Ha…saw a little story on the news tonight that tons of Mexican workers are now hold up in N.O. and making a killing rebuilding. A reminder for everyone…don’t try to wire money in The Big Easy. The lines are longer than the ones at Starbucks these days.

  23. the lines at western union of course


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