Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 24, 2006

With one L

She’s one of those bloggers who tends to be inside of my head. She writes sentences and phrases my mind thinks but fails to form. Cautiously, she steps through the rose bushes of life avoiding the pinch of a thorn and seeing the beauty around her. As a reader, I’m right there with her sharing delight, reveling in the magic of moments, and deeply feeling pain.

Today, she shook me. Again. In a good way; reminding me to enjoy the small specks of time. It’s those instances when one can learn more in five minutes than in a semester of grad school.

Thanks Alison.

Rock. Reel. Breathe.


  1. Great posts the last couple of days. Like how you wrote about ending and beginning and transition.

    I am with you in not being able to imagine not being born into my family or to have my friends, they leave such an imprint on who we are.


  2. And now you know how you make others feel with your great entries!

  3. Thank you, Sass. Your observations humble me. Sharing both the pain and the magic, it’s eased the journey this year. As has finding a healthy dose of compassion and inspiration right here. One L.

  4. I’ll go check her out 🙂


  5. What a nice shout out to a fellow blogger. I can’t help, but feel a little jealous of Alison. I will study her every move from her on out.

  6. Special 🙂


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