Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 17, 2006

a little funny

I’ve been messing with him all night and sending text messages asking

“Are you ready yet?”

“Who’s the girl in this friendship?”

He was less than amused after I didn’t hear him knock on the door and entered my apartment only to find me dancing around with wet hair listening to Common.

Batting my eyelashes won’t work on him. That’d be like flirting with your brother. A really hot brother and that kind of stuff only happens in the tabloids or rural Texas.

I’ve poured The New Edition a stiff drink while Jo practices her ninja kitty skills. We’re now waiting on Soleil and the San Fran crew that have flown in for the lingerie party and brunch this weekend.

Ooh la la. Now that shit’s going to be off the hook.


  1. Cool stuff…

  2. I need a really hot guy to batt my eyelashes at…

  3. The eyelashes didn’t work? have a great weekend.

    People flying in for a lingerie party? that is giong to be serious stuff.


  4. Oh how I lived in Texas right now…

  5. Now will there be flickr pictures of said lingerie party in the future?

  6. Good to hear you’re having fun Miss Sass, sounds like you’ve needed it even if it is at The New Editions’s expense.

  7. Good times.

  8. I have a hard time believing the eyelash betting didn’t work…anyway glad you’re having a dancing-drinking-singing weekend.

  9. “Batting my eyelashes won’t work on him. That’d be like flirting with your brother.”

    Hmm, must be a gay friend then. That’s the only excuse I can think of why flirty eyelash batting wouldn’t work for you.

  10. I have pretty boy boy-friends too. And they all take longer to get ready than I do. And I’ve been known to take my sweet-ass time.

  11. its good to hear youre having fun, you know, beating the system in your own way.


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