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“We don’t talk about the blog.”

I firmly stated to the table over several bottles of wine Friday evening when The New Edition brought it to the conversation. I leave my inner most thoughts here and Frisbee the site link for you to catch and dissect my words as you deem fit. This is my little space, my small spot to just be at peace and hash out the hectic mayhem of continuous hurdles that surround me and those close to me. Similar to that underground fighting movie, “We don’t talk about the blog.” It makes me feel cagey.

In the past few weeks there’s been an absence in the presence of my words. I’ve been hiding more than I usually do and masking generality over topics for you to contend with. I’ve found inspiration in the form of objects, abstracts, and other’s issues while hiding behind a glimpse of my own conflicts. That’s not fair to me, or you the reader.

I’ve learned that purposely avoiding something has the affect of amplifying its importance, giving it greater power. Sometimes it takes that sense of denial and illusion of being evasive to gain comprehension. My truth to me is to not hide and say something if I need to say it, if youre around me long enough – you know I will eventually. (Right Soleil) Here’s the thing about writing in present tense, I can ruin relationships and situations by writing inner truths here; in order to not compromise err, ah, situations I won’t write about them until after their pass or the roots are firmly planted.


I’ve been ignoring this site for the above reason as well as the below

1. New Job

2. Planning BIG HOT WHITE Party for this weekend’s Birthday

club reserved (check)
custom dress (almost done)
shoes (what am i waiting for)
friends (check)
man (er, ah)
champagne (gulp)
kid sister canceling attendance (check one solid tear)

Not to mention the spicy and funny, Miss Wendi, and Saucy Sarah are attending

3. Things in my head are straight for the first time in several weeks, the tetris blocks of inner turmoil began piecing together and shaping connected thoughts leading to full sentenced conclusions. There are stories to tell you but they are still playing out. I’ll have a good one for you tomorrow as we’re hitting up “The Office” again this evening and stopping to wish Miss Christi a Happy Belated 30th.

To answer your question “C” this is what I’ve been up to.

All My Love,


  1. i CANNOT wait until saturday!

  2. Is this why you don’t return texts or emails anymore too?

    Denny …

  3. umm…yeah…this isn’t the post i commented on earlier..;-)~

  4. Fair’s fair. You do what you’ve got to do to keep things in your life as sane as possible. We’re hear to listen…no matter what the story.

  5. Damn, a birthday bash and I didn’t get an invitation. Brings to mind A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie checks his mailbox, but alas it’s empty. Along comes Violet to which my hero says sarcasticallly, Thanks for the Christmas card, Violet!”

  6. You + too much champagne…yes I think we’ve seen this scenario played out before. It leads to making out, a huge hangover and probably another amusing discovery rolling out from under the bed. Enjoy your weekend and have fun!

  7. Nonsense. Don’t worry about being fair to the reader. Unless they pay for your words.

    However, this reader LOVED the tetris blocks line;)

    And if the date for the party situation doesn’t shape up……er, ah, Okie.

    I’ll be your huckleberry.

  8. we’ll be at the white party… yay!!!

  9. You have way coller parties than my friends do. All white party sounds very cool. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    You should have a Canadian themed party where everyone comes to Canada in Mounty costumes!

    Just a thought.


  10. Don’t forget to set your clock forward one hour Saturday night. We lose an hour, but that’s not until 2am and I’m sure the tea party will be long over and everyone off in dreamland by then.

  11. Oh no Tiny Hands – the limo is picking up the close friends of mine for pre party and then there is the after party.

    Those lushes.

  12. Wish KC and I could be there to celebrate your big day — but love is being sent from CO!! *MWAH*!!!

  13. well be here to hear the stories when youre ready to tell them, sis

  14. Your head hasn’t been straight? You’ve been dealing with my Dramapalooza 2006 for a week so I have no clue how you’ve done it with a wonky head. 🙂
    So sorry I’m gonna miss the party – tip your 40 in my memory.

  15. I would run over a whole lot of people to get to your party!!!

  16. Sounds fair to me.

    I so wish I was close enough to come to the birthday party!

    Happy B-Day!

  17. It is possible to not talk about one’s own blog? Audacious and innovative.

  18. I understand the issues that revolve around discussing the blog. Unfortunetly the more i blog the more that world becomes part of my world. At some point I think I am going to say screw it. How ever it will silence a lot of my writing. Time for the second blog!


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