Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 3, 2006


i didnt take any photos during the party – these are before and after in no particular order. And Sarah, what you said about the 4:00 am headache from La Strada…absolutely true.


  1. sorry we couldn’t stay longer on saturday!! but here’s a pic of us…!

    hope you had a fabulous birthday party!!

  2. That is such a cool photo stream.

  3. love these!!!

  4. had so much fun – thanks jess.

  5. Great photos, looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the all white on everyone. You all looked great.


  6. Um, I see nothing.

  7. Beautiful pictures of ya Sass! Of course I am kinda partial to the one of you on the bed.. : ) That was nice… Sounds like a fun time!


  8. wow. just wow.

  9. Such great pictures. Makes me even sadder I don’t live near Texas!

  10. Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday is right. I love this photo service you’re using. It’s cool how they display on your blog and the people in the pics are quite lovely.

  12. You’ve got some hot guy friends…that’s it…you have to invite me to the next party. lol

  13. Happy Birthday. You look fabulous, mahvelous, gorgeous…

  14. You are one smokin’ birthday girl!!

  15. Aren’t you fancy with your automatic slide show thingamajigger. That was cool. And what pretty people.

  16. Well, it sure looks like I wasn’t the only one having a good time Saturday night! 😉 I noticed Wendi’s pictures showed, um, a different side of you, though.

    You know, the side that’s not behind the camera quite so much. And, if I squinted a little, the pair of you almost looked innocent. Almost. 😉

  17. Somebody hit you with the pretty whip … stick … errr … whatever.

    Happy birthday.

  18. You wear white well. 🙂


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