Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 23, 2006

you’re fired.

No weve met or Ive seen you somewhere. Wait. Were you at the sushi restaurant earlier?

Yeah, we were there sitting by the bar, why didnt you come talk to us?

Im horrible with the bar pickup.

I rolled my eyes hoping this wasnt another mistake dressed in sheeps clothing. Ive really had enough of that shit lately. I was standing under the bright glare of parking lot lights waiting for two of the Ladies to make their way out of the bar. In true gentleman fashion he declined my efforts to send him on his way and leave me alone.

Im not leaving you out here alone, you see all these drunkards.

He pointed to a guy I knew who was hitting on the closest piece of tail within his reach.

Scoff. I nearly snorted reminding myself not to encourage him.

Thats really nice of you but,

Celeste walked outside, turned on her heel, narrowed her gaze, and wryly said Yeah. Youre out of IT. I can tell. We need to get a cab. Let’s roll.

Earlier at dinner while sipping on a martini I leaned across the table announcing, “I’m taking a break and removing myself from the game.”

Kim leaned in picking up her glass, she was waiting for me to elaborate.

“Why find another mistake?”

Not like we need to revisit my track record, Ive been on a bender taking men for their word thinking this ones different and ignoring the blatant warnings of my friends. Im not one to entertain my past for long. I learn from it and carry on. But lately, my judgment has gone wiry. Ive been the quintessential female wearing rose colored glasses ignoring what I already knew to be true. So Saturday night, I pulled the breaks after being bored with making the same mistakes and reopening the same wounds.

When I say revisiting the same mistakes, its a conscious effort that takes work and makes the challenge the fun of it all. Which, ya know, leads to deleting numbers from my phone. And as far as meeting someone in a bar? Years ago I made it a practice to never give out my number in a bar. Having never been good at following my own rules Ive had two relationships start in bars. No, wait threehang on. Jeeeze.

Now, Im a lady with a healthy appetite for dating and know its not a sport where score is kept on a weekly basis. My desired style has always been to meet someone I like, decide if it works then start all over again. However, theres still nothing Id like more than to meet someone whod stay for a while. Im throwing in the towel.

Until, Thursday anyway.


  1. So not staying in the game eh? Hmmm doesn’t seem to me like the best call. Just got to keep plugging away. How bad can it really be?


  2. It truly amazes me that it’s this hard for you. BTW, I suggested to Greek that the two of you meet now that she’s in Austin. I think you’d hit it off.

  3. Welcome to the party. 😉

  4. You said it yourself, you know what is goinh to happen but you continually go after the challenge.

  5. I’m like that too, Sass. Lots of hope that things will end up the way I want them to, not the way I know they will. Sigh. Good luck.

  6. Keep your head up, Sass. A lot of us guys are jerks so it sometimes takes awhile to find a good one.

    We are rooting for you though.

  7. Have you thought about trying the bookstores instead of bars? Okay, sure, it didn’t work for me, but, well, you are much better looking than I am, so… Oh, but the bookish guys are a specialty audience. Try dressing like a librarian, and make sure to wear glasses. Have to fight off those literary perverts with a sharp stick! 😉

    Hang in there, Sass. Really. He could be just around the corner. Ms. NewGal found me just when we both had given up all hope.

  8. I miss my random text messages.

  9. i never played that game. i was never good at it. im too much of a stayer…i dont think thats a word.

  10. Are you kidding…I havent’ even found someone to hang around for an hour.

  11. I know exactly what you are saying Jess. I’m not sure what the answer is though; it’s not just girls that fall into that feeling. Plantations comment struck me as funny, “I can’t believe it is that hard for you”. It’s hard for everyone, it doesn’t matter how you look or how nice you are, when you stop settling–it’s hard.

  12. Sounds like you need this next time you are getting hit on, especially in a bar…

    06/10/05 Public Or Private Rejection/Humiliation, You Choose

  13. Oh no…its Thursday! Y’all be on the look out for a red tornado!


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