Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 2, 2006

smell the honeysuckles

This past Saturday I threw the day away wrestling my way through boutiques shopping for the very sake of it and later spent the evening getting ready for, well, the very sake of it. I was running late, Kimmay was running later and I needed to get out the door. Having just spent the last hour and a half flat ironing my hair and cautiously applying make up I didn’t have the time to respond to several text messages when one stopped me as I headed out the door. With my purse draped over shoulder it meticulously hit the side of my hip guaranteeing the emergence of a bruise. My arms were filled with lip gloss, camera, bottle of water, and phone when I turned on my heel, dropped everything and did nothing as I watched my contents scatter across the linoleum tile. My heart began to pound and a small lump formed in the pit of my throat with a force that drives men to declare war. My right arm moved up the course of my body stopping to rest on my hip. “Breathe deep,” I was telling myself while the left arm wiped a tear. Bending down and reaching for my phone I replied to his text message.

DAD: “Hi Honey. I love you. Be good to yourself. ”

It’s always the small stuff


  1. sounds like big stuff to me.

  2. That’s Awesome Sass! It means so much from the ones that love you the most.. Great stuff!


  3. here’s to knowing what’s best

  4. Wonderful. I’m sure that’s one of your favorite texts.

  5. small stuff is usually so important that it is really big. What a great text.

  6. My parents don’t txt so they can’t do that to me.
    But, yeah, dad’s have a funny way of saying the right the at the right time, don’t they? They have a funny way of being right, too. I think I should listen to my Dad more often, and, when you write about him, yours, too.

    Thanks for sharing that bit of “Dad Wisdom” with us.

  7. That’s so cool.

  8. That is cool that your Dad texts’ you. I don’t think either of my parents will figure that one out for many moons.

    Hope that you had fun when you went out.



  9. That’s code for “Don’t let some jackass break your heart and try to stay alive.”

  10. Reagan, AMEN.

  11. Great text, and great post. I just found your blog and I love it. 🙂

  12. You almost made me cry.

  13. awww…very cool

  14. Mabybe you need to shop for a helmet. You seem to fall down frequently!

  15. Are you? Good to yourself?

  16. I would call that perfect timing.

    And definitely, the smallest things are always what count the most and impact us the hardest…in a good way.


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