Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 29, 2006

Because you believe everything you read

Iíve been really bad with writing here lately, just been busy. Letís go with that. Iím working on something good. I mean really really good. But you are just going to have to wait for this headache to subside. In the mean time, letís talk about other ways to throw MY BROTHER off since he forgot how to use the phone and figures me out through this stupid blog.

1. Iím joining the circusÖthe Jim Rose Circus that is.
2. Iím having an affair with Dennis Rodman
3. I broke my leg
4. The screen play is done; Jenna Jameson has the star role.
5. Iím moving. Ö..?
6. Iím going to the Cayman Islands this weekend
7. Iím in love with a man who rubs hot oil all over himself and says things like, ďDaddy likes.Ē (Okay Ė that grossed me out in a Tom Selleck way)
8. Iím pregnant and am confronting babyís daddy on national television. Tune in Tuesday morning on CBS 10:00 am central/standard time
9. Iím a body double for Angelina Jolie
10. Iíve been hiding a midget in my closet for the last year and am using him as a sex slave

Call your sister.


  1. I’m getting a strange view of your blog. Is it just me? Glad something good is brewing is Sassville.

  2. Is that where that midget got to? Dang, I have got to keep better track of my midgets.

    I’m seriously thankful that my brother already thinks I’m crazy and is the only one in my family who reads my blog. But, next time, you can start a contest for additional crazy entries, you know? I bet we could come up with some doozys!

  3. dude…i’m all over number six…call me and we wreak havoc on the islands. ;-)~ oh yeah…i’m back…lets do lunch…or dinner….or drinks…or something…

  4. I so am *not* a midget.

  5. How about you have been hiding out since the local news channel showed your car doing 100 mph down IH-10 with about 5 police cars behind it?

  6. mabey your bro is trying to get your attention. the silent treatment always works.

  7. Daddy likes! You must of gotten to Vegas and seen me after all ;).

  8. Oh my, I am not sure about that hot oil image… ah the Caymans, how great would that be right now?


  9. My brother recently lost his cell phone and I felt like he’d been relegated to a desert island. How will I contact him? How? HOW? Luckily he found it. Because as I’m sure you know, SISTERS contact brothers, not the other way around. Humpf. Men.


  11. the midget part was definitely the most disturbing.

  12. Jess – Odd view of blog (no side bar, text to left) until i open comments, then all back to normal. Actually, it’s been this way for a week now but I thought it was just me until I read Plantation.

  13. that makes 3 of us alison and plantation.

  14. Well that’s easy – it’s because of the photos from last week. They are to wide for the lay out. AND if you switch to moxzilla instead of explorer you’d see it better.

    I’m depressed Rea. Talk tonight.

  15. “10. Iíve been hiding a midget in my closet for the last year and am using him as a sex slave”

    I thought the idea was to throw your brother off, not to admit truths!

  16. LOL. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  17. Can I find Sass on my Tivo?


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