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I swear i will put something up here readable soon. I’m bored with taking all these silly quizzes that tell me what flavor lollipop i would be or what sex and the city charachter i am most like. I mean, really you can’t narrow someone down to one measley character who happens to have more flaws than a hobo stuck in a well in a span of twenty questions.

So, anyone have any REAL questions about ANYTHING..even ’bout me? I’ll answer to the best of my ability or seek answers in my magic 8 ball.



  2. Chris – ya funny. Tell ya what, we can figure out why ice melts so fast in our drinks saturday at soleil’s party.

  3. what is a url?

  4. URL = Universal Resource Locator

    How about the old stand-by? “What’s the meaning of life?” Your life, my life, any life, doesn’t matter. It’s always an interesting question.
    Or, try a book called “If…” If you can find it in print still, that is. Every page is covered with questions designed to get at some sort of Universal Truth. Of course, some are more interesting than others.
    If you don’t have anything you like better, let me know and I’ll hunt my copy down in the wreckage that is my life and house and fire a few at you.

    Either way, I look forward to the questions and answers.

  5. is it time to put the pool up yet?!?!?

  6. How often do you get out to California?
    Tell us about some memorable vacations.
    What is the capital of Vermont?
    I enjoy reading your blog. It’s very entertaining.

  7. why did trent resnor shave off his hair, and quite the herion and bulk up all muscle hot? and why is he just as hot as he was before?

    or maybe just why?

  8. Did you get the email about the dream? Sorry about that. It was amusing though.

  9. do polish people shine things?(from poland)
    or do they polish?

  10. Do you like living in Texas and living so far away from me??? HAHAHAH.


  11. My question- What now?

  12. So, do you come here often?

  13. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck? If a wood chuck could chuck wood.

  14. i always love a ferris reference.

  15. R and K want to know, ” Why doesn’t Aunt Jessie love us? Why won’t she come visit us? “

  16. Why don’t you call me and why don’t you email me?

  17. what is a magic 8 ball, and do you buy it from jason “your guy”?

  18. wait. i forgot the question i was going to ask 😉

  19. I’ve got questions, like what is your email address?

  20. When are you coming to NYC so we can hang out and I can ask you all the woman-bonding questions you wouldn’t answer on your blog?

  21. What flavor lollipop are you?

    Those quizes are just soooo distracting!

    Missed reading you!

  22. I will answer these today, during my “lunch break”

  23. I want a lunch break.

  24. True or false, you have killer cartoon cleavage in real life, like your blogger charector does in Blogger life?

  25. FYI (though you probably already know) –
    Events this friday at museum 1
    and saturday at
    museum 2


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