Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | June 7, 2006

gym drama

Slowly the truth dawned on me while he spun his legs in circle on the path to nowhere. Yet, I stopped him mid sentance and asked him the question I already knew the answer to with out wanting to.

“What’s your name?”

“Devil in Disguise”

Okay that’s not really his name but this man had done something grotesque and horrible to someone I love dearly. It made me sick to my stomach just to think of it. And he alone in the party was guilty.

“Yeah I knew that”

Closing the book my hands were drenched around I felt blood coursing through my system as I eyed this man. I wanted to drop kick his ass in a tortoise half shell then send him flying where he could never do another dispicable thing. But, I’m a lady. I persist to tell him the past relation of how I knew him and gathered the strength to act dignified and not like Tupac. It has been nine years since he saw me last. However, I’m always surprised at how small this man is. That’s probably something to do with rotten people- the boneless spine unhinging with each passing day.

A small shiver escaped his body. It was really quite a human noise with an audible breath and a catch in it, like a muted regret, “Oh.”

I tried for a moment to long to entertain small talk.

“I can’t do this. I can’t even look at you.”

“Well you do what you have to do.”

“Apparently you did.” as I walked away.

And that my dear friends was the drama at the gym this morning. Nothing says bitter like running into your father’s former business partner on a life cycle machine.

“Dad, you’ll never believe who I just saw. Can I kick a 72 year old man’s ass?”

“I love you too.”

“Fine then, if I see him again I’m going to ask him who his plastic surgeon is. He’s had his eyes done and a face lift.”



  1. Going to the gym is always an adventure.

    Long live the Typepad blogs!

  2. … or Movable Type


  4. Somethings don’t bear repeating. Let’s just say he did us a favor because we don’t have to deal with him anymore.

    Let’s roll with that.


  6. Good for you for being able to control your rage. that is a tough thing to do, especially when someone screws someone in your family over.

    Hope that you are having a good week.


  7. I say kick his ass anyway Jess! Girls kick mean ass and he sounds like he deserves it!

  8. the answer is “yes, you can.”

  9. You should’ve drop-kicked him…but I guess sometimes we have to be the bigger person. Maybe cause we have spines?

  10. how about this heat!!!! drinking boiled grape kool aid.

  11. I would have kicked his machine into high gear and walked off.

  12. i say:

  13. He’s 72? I think you can take him. If you want to hit him where it really hurts, take away the old man’s Viagra supply! That will show him who’s boss!


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