Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | June 12, 2006

oh what’s his name

Iíve always believed there ought to be a network for the love-lorn, patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous, devoted to helping those who are crippled by broken hearts. Sure there are enough of us, I think. People who would benefit from a buddy system for the moments when you catch your sweetheart with his arm wrapped around another woman, or when he doesnít call for days, or donít receive a text message back, or when you see in his eyes that heís already started to forget you. The moment of doubt you wearily check the phone, for like the 3rd time in the last hour, call your Sponsor who will talk on the phone with you for hours like a seventh grade girlfriend, draw you a dart board with his face on it and take the ache away.

But instead you stare the phone hoping The Force will kick in and will him to take a step and contact you. Youíre not supposed to call unless it is an emergency, which in my case would mean I just saw on CNN a meteor is headed straight for his apartment andÖ.I do like the boy.

And now Iím trying to figure out this puzzling moment. Can a person you never knew you wanted to know slip unannounced out of your life?



  1. Well, the First Step is admitting that there’s a problem…

    I don’t know about any other guy in the world, but, personally, I love getting phone calls from strange women. Heck, even from more or less normal, stable women. Just a thought…

    Oh, and there’s another thing, but, it’s more of a male directed quote from a great actor in a bad movie, so I’ll spare you. Good luck with him.

  2. Oh, definitely one of life’s great mysteries. Give him a call!

  3. Been there done that far too often. I like your idea. What are you going to call it, LLA for love-lorn anonymous? Sign me up.

  4. I would think you of all people would know the answer to that question.

  5. You have more to lose by not calling in the long run.

  6. Okay though i don’t know why anyone would not enjoy a call from you Jess, I believe we know inside when we should call and when we shouldn’t. Sometimes we lie or ignore these inner feelings but we know. This coming from someone who ignores the inner voices way to often. Cheer up, the right someone will come along.

  7. too many fish in the sea to yelp about the one thats getting away….cut and run.

  8. Maybe your Sponsor can introduce you to someone.

  9. Makes sense to me. I say give him a call and see what happens.

    You seem to have a lot of fans here Jess.


  10. There is a ntwork like that actually, it’s called “a bar.” And everyone is really helpful and really willing to do whatever it takes to take your mind off of the other person, even going so far as to take you home at night, which is really kind of sweet. I mean yeah, they’re probably expecting sex, but you know it’s the gesture that counts.

  11. Brillant!

  12. YES YES YES YES YES!!!! God yes. This is the most brilliant idea ever.

  13. Realizing things are real can really suck sometimes.

  14. Thanks Dan…I never knew of that network. Thanks for the heads up!

  15. i was around the corner from your house last night!! i wanted you to hit us up…but your blog doesn’t talk back

  16. I wonder is this “Bar” you speak of a Texas thing or is it a national network because I only ever seem to find the right kind of wrong there.

  17. Count me in on the list of people to call when you want to call him instead. You more than anyone, know that I can relate to any situation you could possibly be in.

    I heart you.

  18. Call him. But only once.


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