Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 13, 2006

morning revelations

On my run this morning I sweated and panted more than a dog on a leash. I ran and ran to run off last night’s celebration of signing an offer letter for a new job. The bum’s on the corner glared at me as they laid out the contents of their home. She, with a tooth or two missing, and he, with a stench that would keep the plague away, were making breakfast – it was then i realized these homeless people had more food on the corner than i’ve ever had at my house.

Riddle me that one.

And no, I’m not leaving Houston, new job is in H-town. Sorry guys, Vegas can’t handle me.


  1. so does that mean i get some jess time soon?

  2. Vegetarians must not eat well after all…

  3. the same applies to me…unless you count beer as food…wait…judging by our night out i think that’s the case! so nevermind…i have all the food in the world!!!

  4. Congrats on getting the new job. My fridge is pretty pathetic at the moment too….


  5. Yay, new job and staying in H-Town with your support group. You’re right, Vegas couldn’t handle you.

  6. Congrats on the new job! Hope they are paying you above and beyond your worth. 🙂

  7. poor jessica. lookin up to homeless people.

  8. yay to you for starting something new. Maybe this will start your life in a new direction.

  9. Good to here about the new job in Houston. Vegas would make you old before your time anyway.

  10. Glad you’re not moving so that we can continue not hanging out. 😦


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