Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 28, 2006

It’s ON!

I thought it would be hard to convince her. I gathered up all my responses in an artillery force ready to aim. My premeditated ammunition was …well. Pointless.

Wednesday afternoon while I was tired at my desk

J:“I’m doing the Chicago Marathon in the fall. Will you do it with me?”
C: “I can’t do Chicago. Can we do one closer to here?” (Jersey)
J: “Let me look tonight and see when Philly, NYC, and the Baltimore ones are.”

Thursday Morning on my drive to work

C: “Hi, did you find out when they are?”
J: “Baltimore is October 10th, New York is the beginning of November and Philly is November 19th.”
C: “New York would allow time to train.”
J: “I have no desire to do New York. You are corralled in the freezing cold for hours before you run then you don’t start until 10 or eleven.”
C: “That’s why people say they’ve done it once. How’s the job going now that you’ve been there two weeks.”
J: “There is so much to learn. I’ve been waking up and going to bed with a headache. It’s college biochem all over again.”
C: “Well at least it’s Friday.”
J: “ Car, it’s Thursday.”

Enter screaming kid in the background,

C: “See how they all run together.”


She was doing that thing we always do. Playing with words and turning them around to amuse ourselves. In one short sentence she summed up our conversation. The kids she was probably glaring at, our discussion of running, work, and that November is just around the corner.

C: “Reed! Give that back to your sister she’s been playing with it all morning.”
J: “You have to go I know.”
C: “So Philly.”
J: “Yeah, November 19th it’s settled.”
C: “K. Love ya.”

After all, we are sisters and the apple never fell more than an inch between us.


  1. Congrats on choosing the Marathon. That will be wicked for you. Definately a good idea to go somewhere different to run one.

    Best of luck.


  2. We’ve both done them in the past but have wanted to do one together for a while. It will be fun. I don’t get to see my sisters enough so this will be a good time for us to chat.

  3. i miss my brother.

  4. I liked apples … especially red ones.

  5. Snort.

  6. Snort.

  7. I wanted to get my sister motivated to go do something with me…but I don’t see that happening. She likes exercise less than me.

  8. Now I miss my little brother.


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