Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 4, 2006

I should expect it in a text message, right?

Britney: “Hey girl I’m abandoning you tonight. I’m going to the styx to go muddin and then see Brooke”

J: “Okay. We’ll play tomorrow. No worries.”

J: “Wait. Did you you just say muddin?”

Britney: “Ha! You think I drive the Beast for looks?”

J: “Truck driver”

And this my friends is the latest gadget I can’t wait to get my grubby feet and hands on. Hurry up Nike and release your stability shoes already.

107 Days until the Philadelphia Marathon.


  1. Aaah so you chose Philly. Cool. Hope you get your shoes soon.

  2. That looks pretty damn cool. Maybe it’ll get me runnin’ again. Which is preferable to muddin’.

  3. Those shoes look wicked. I can’t run in Nike’s though. They are rough on my feet.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Playing in the mud and the puddles! That is what a truck is all about!

  5. Aw, Jess. You big nerd.

    And I can say that because when I saw the shoes, I was like “I want those!!” So cool.

  6. I heard about those on the news the other day. How crazy is that?

  7. Muddin is a ton of fun. And if you get stuck, those shoes would come in handy gettting back to civilization. Came over from Amber’s place. Hi.

  8. HaHa! Those shoes may be the only reason I actually get my lazy, almost-middle-aged butt in gear and start running. I *need* those shoes, but I can only justify it if I’ve been running for a while and have proven to myself that I can stick with it.

  9. Should I mark my calendar?


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