Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 11, 2006

light as a feather

After talking to my Kid Sister twice last night I’ve started the day feeling as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. We made plans to visit a pool and a few museums tomorrow afternoon. “We” as in her husband, my ADORABLE niece, Booger (my kid sis), and myself tomorrow afternoon. It’s true things in my personal life haven’t been going all that well, but who cares? I’d rather have no relationship than be stuck in a wrong one. And my professional life is providing plenty of excitement. I am fighting a good fight, and doing my part to help change things for the better.

Apparently, I just need to choose my battles. Like knowing I can call “Booger” in a crowd and it doesn’t upset her anymore. And if that’s not enough to get excited about than there’s always dancing tomorrow night.



  1. absolutly. it’s funny. i have a cousin named booger. he kinda hates his parents.

  2. so what does your kid sis call you?

  3. I love that you aid “I would rather have no relationship then be trapped in the wrong one.” I know way too many people who are in that particular boat. Have a great weekend.


  4. Kid sis is a better person than I. I think I’d hate you for calling me that 😉

  5. Well, sounds like your personal life is just right, actually. As you say, better alone than trapped in something you hate. Besides, it’s not like you *need* anyone or are alone or anything. You’ve got all that family and you even have some of them right here.

    Glad to hear your niece is learning to embrace her Aunt Jessie’s Bohemian ways, too. More of us should be so relaxed with ourselves and our families.


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