Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 21, 2006

it’s messy alright

Sunday morning I was feeling dirty, looked at Rock Star over the brim of my coffee mug and stated, “I’m going to go,” as my words took form and made noise I realized I didn’t know where I was going. Sure, I could leave the coffee shop and drive an hour to see my parents, their flight back home wasn’t for another three hours but, I did that Saturday. Saturday had been a gift tied in a messy bow and delivered in the least expecting month. August in Houston is like diving into a volcano and setting up shop. Occasionally the cauldron produces a Saturday and Sunday like this past weekend….and that’s a helluva lot to be excited about.

Before Starbucks opened Saturday morning I was out the door, met with my running group and tracked 15 miles through the city. Later that afternoon I picked up “The Rents”, trucked them up to my brothers and spent the remaining daylight hours throwing kids in the air and later banishing them to the play room so “the Adults” could talk. Apparently, I’m one of them now. However, that alone doesn’t stop my Brother from asking those nagging relationship questions, and taunt me like he is seventeen and I’m ten. He’s not really concerned about whether or not I want to settle down and make meals for more than one, he wants the dirty details because it’s like reality TV or those cheesy magazines with headlines like I ATE MY ALIEN BABY. Fried, with a side salad and a beer.

I kept my mouth shut while he kicked me under the table allowing the silence to say, “Give me the dish or this wine is going on your head.” Had he followed through, it would have been The Great Food Fight of 2006 (round 3)but, Mom was strategically sitting to my right and that would prove to be unacceptable. Pursing my lips, kicking him in the shin under the table, and regressing to ten years old I shot him the look of daggers. The most serious drawback to the tell nothing approach is that it makes more of a mystery of what has happened and that has been nothing short of a Jenna Jameson and Dave Navarro affair. We all know the nature of gossip abhors a vacuum of the unexplained and this means if I tell him what has happened then he’ll “know” what really happened cause, he’s my brother and in more ways than one we’ll always be too much alike and taunt one another by getting in a food fight.

Icing anyone?

**** Later that night Ronda, Clint, and I checked out one of our friends Rock Shows. Check em out on I-tunes, you’re sure to be a fan. Stillife


  1. Food fight. Hell yeah.

  2. I think that whether they’re 7 years older or 9 years younger, brothers always look for ways to make you look worse while simultaneously making themselves look better. Congrats on your food-dumping restraint — my mom wouldn’t have gone for that either!

  3. Feeling dirty over coffee?
    Hmm, either that’s a sinfully *great* cup of coffee or we’ve missed out on the best part of the story.

    Oh, but for food fights? Whipped cream in those pressure cans go well with ears and noses. Or, so I’m told, and that’s the story I’m stickin’ with.

  4. and that sibling thing (rivalry maybe? being entirely more alike than you wanna admit?) never goes away does it?

  5. How is life? We haven’t talked in awhile.

  6. Sounds like a great relationship that you and your bro have.

    Good for you for putting in 15 miles… that is scary to me right now.


  7. I guess your brother is like the rest of us. Totally in the dark.


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