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unplanned plans

So, let’s work this out. First you’re going to spend Friday night at a rock show and stay out till 4:00 in the morning and miss your morning run. Next, you’re going to roll out of bed at ten and sit by a pool reading your book. You’re then going to wait for your best male friend to pick you up with the soul intention of purchasing a ghetto outfit. In the midst of shopping in the barrio, where English is a second language, your friend will receive a call about a keg being purchased and “Why don’t you come by for an early evening beer.” After a few beers and after jokes are made about, “What did Pluto have to do to get demoted as a planet. He must have really screwed over Jupiter,” You are then going to go home and trade in your flip flops for ghetto white heels and go over to Clints and tap fingers and wait for Jenkins to arrive.
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After Jenkins arrives you trek yourself to your Favorite Married Couples House for party, take shots, and decide we should all go out. In the midst of leaving cops arrive.
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You flirt heavily with cop as everyone moves back inside stating, “Let her deal with it. She’s got him under control.” You then begin to laugh furiously as the cop pulls away because you forgot your current outfit was borrowed from Missy Elliott and you look more like a Living Color Fly Girl meets 50 Cent then your normal red head angel and have lost halo. The party is then going to travel over to another friends where neighbors are less bothersome and you proceed to fall asleep on couch around 3:00 a.m.

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Sunday morning you wake up to friends giggling on opposing couch and allow a smile to take over your face cause… other than sex…laughter is the next best thing to wake up to. The 4 of you walk upstairs and wake other overnight guests. You will then spend the remainder of the morning with friends, under covers, and watching Office Space while thunder storms pass outside. Clint picks you up early morning where you will then go and make fun of his neighbor as he grills outside…because Brandon just asks for it and can give it back in spades. You will close the weekend by going over BFF friends for ladies spa day where you get to spend three hours with several of your favorite girlfriends drinking champagne and then eat pizza.

You will wake up at 1:00 am with a headache Monday and attempt to get back into the groove of normalcy wondering why you haven’t seen Snakes on a Plane after your ten mile run on Monday evening and realize tomorrow’s Tuesday and you forgot to get details from coworker about psycho Italian that is in her phone as Psycho italian and tell her funny story about man licking my face three times Friday night.

And then, you realize, you don’t need to share everything.


  1. Some things are better not shared…3 men licking huh? ~grin~

  2. What happens in Houston, stays in Houston?

  3. It sounds like just the kind of weekend you needed Jess.

  4. Damn.

    I couldn’t keep up with you guys.

  5. but we love it when you do share everything.

  6. who was the crazy red head that kept staring at my rack on sunday? she totally came up behind me and tried to molest me…right on!

  7. Your parties are so much fun. Kudos on the ghetto outfit. That looks like fun.


  8. I think they call your look “Ghetto Fabulous”!

  9. college was so 13 years ago

  10. Sounds like a very eventful weekend to me!

  11. A fun and cheerful weekend. Your lives are colourful and gay. Happy!

  12. I keep trying to comment but am experiencing problems!

    Does your mother know what you have been up to? ;]


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