Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 29, 2006

first challenge of the day

How would you train 200 sales reps on a national basis on orthopedic reconstructive products for surgeons focused on joint replacement arthroplasty so they can restore form and function for individuals suffering from arthritis and traumatic injury.

Anyone…have experience in sales training please email me – i need to get creative with this one and hearing your background may trigger an idea for me. Oh – and if you have experience training sugeons how to use medical tools….well…I would get down on bended knee if I didn’t fear commitment.


  1. Well, if it were me, Sass, I’d start with the world famous Rockettes! Seriously, use dancing girls, or guys, as spokesmodels. Or, Mike Ditka, if you’re old enough to even remember who he is.

    Either that, or 3d simulations done with Poser or something along those lines. But, really, I think the dancing girls would go over better with the surgeons.

  2. How about bended knee without commitment?

  3. We can build interactive emailed training modules with use of both audio & email. We can tie this to a learning management system where we can scertain who went through courses, what questions they got wrong (if you desired to test their knowledge), and how long they were on each page of the course

  4. I’m an orthopaedic sales rep, the training that works best for me is hands on and as much video of surgeries/OR back table set up as possible. Seriously, surgeons can do a case by seeing the video as well. Cadaverwork is good as well but very costly. Hope this helps. Simulations are costly and not very representative, but better than nothing.

  5. Sorry, Jess. I’m a horrible salesman and a worse teacher.


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