Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 6, 2006

things i have learned from relationships with men

Fish posted a list of 10 things she has learned from relationships with men.  I’ve never been one to stop at ten and oh how I love lists. So here goes

Power tools have a place in my life 
How to Kayak 
Breaking up REALLY IS hard to do
How to ‘let go’, of him 


When you love someone, you will sacrifice yourself, regardless of how they make you feel  Sushi

  The phrase “I’ll call you” means nothing. 

How to shoot a rifle

 Butter is a food staple (but veggies shouldn’t shine)    Hummus won’t kill a carnivore

 How to mend road rash from a fall

Vodka makes me stupid
Jager makes me forget

 Men text message as much as Women

 How to be with someone, maintain independence and just the right amount of selfishness.

That no matter how smart and capable I am, I still like being taken care of sometimes  

How to flip a circuit breaker
Men need meat, preferably with a lot of sauce 

Never be the first one to say I love you   Men are usually the first to fall for a girl, they fall out first too 

  How to flip a quarter into a cup  The art of a pull up To stand perfectly still and stare at the wall  To stop dating a guy whose friend hits on you. In the end, you lose.   

   Dream weaver and other graphic art applications 

Changing his hat is like changing outfits   

 To Make a FIRE out of the sticks and stones we fought with

They know just as much as we do about relationships, nothing.   Slowly pull the car on to a high surfaced area or else, you will scrape the bumper  

To spell things out, he can’t read my mind    

 And damn it,  I’m worth fighting for.         

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  1. that hat thing is good advice.

  2. lovin it

  3. I’ve gotten myself into a text-messaging addiction, and I don’t like it. Must stop with the texting, and actually pay attention to the crowd I’m with.

  4. Well, Sass, even I could have told you that last one. But, as for the rest? All those negatives and “gotchas”? That’s just become my checklist of things to make sure I don’t screw up. 😉 Thanks!

  5. Great list!

  6. Yea, about that hat thing…real men have one hat and one hat only. Any man who two-times his favorite hat, will two-time you.

  7. Why is it I seem to learn so many things, but never change my habits. So do I really learn them or am I just paying lip service to them? I hope you are learning them. And that things are constantly getting better for you.

  8. Yes you are, Sass.

  9. “To Make a FIRE out of the sticks and stones we fought with”

    I absolutely love that. Interesting idea.. I’m glad I caught your (and fish’s) post.


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