Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 12, 2006

hey mickey

I had a ridiculously sappy post all ready for your reading until I received news of a leaf turning over.

Over the last month I’ve whined, felt distraught and looked even worse. After rallying my self control and thinking of things that haven’t played out as I had expected – I decided to leave it where it belongs, in the past. And draped regret over my armor like a prince rescuing his princess.

I’ve had but one wish. One thing for Christmas would do just fine. The rest is just material, I can be rather hard to buy for when I think, “No thought has been put into material items,” (sorry Mom). For me, I wanted to give something to me. I needed to know it could happen and know I could attain it by myself, without the help of anyone else. And before you think of sending emails let me just tell the Peanut Gallery to shhhh. Some things are better left unsaid.

It wasn’t a huge request. Then again, to me, it was bigger than the Chrysler Building. 2006 was a tough year for me. I’ve cried, I’ve fought, I’ve laughed. I’ve drank. And laughed and cried some more for proper measure. I knew what I needed to do so I could properly arrange 2007.  Over the last week I’ve plotted, Googled, and researched.  Lists were made, and business plans established. Last night over food I was unable to eat because I talked and talked. They talked. I listened. We plotted, planned, set goals for one year from now and how I am going to assist them in their growth.

This evening after a run through the neightborhoods lit up for the holidays I returned home with a Bah Humbug, checked my email, and welcomed Christmas with a verbal scream.

I have a new job and will be able to work in my pj’s from a home office…errr….temporarily at least.

Next week I’m going to Disney World with the company. Well, Orlando actually for training… and to chase the happily ever after. However, I’ve been told we will indeed be making a trip to Disney.

Thanks Santa Baby.


  1. as IF you could ever look better..geesh..i just got your text this morning!!! i’m so happy!!! celebration is seriously called for now…

  2. dude anti spam words…brunch…then champagne…couldn’t be more fitting for us…

  3. Good for you Sass. It’s not easy to turn over a new leaf, but it is courageous. It’s good to start it before January too so you don’t have too much pressure on yourself in the new year. Good luck with this and your new job.

  4. Yay Sass! Awesome, and way courageous. Take on the world, my friend!

  5. Congrats my dear!! You deserve it — which you know, right? Mwah — and good luck, sweetie!!

  6. Great news–I could totally get into working from home, but I’m also afraid that it might turn into something horrific as well, where I just sleep until noon and then work until midnight.

  7. Well good for you Jess. It sounds like 2007 will be a good year for you. I’m still crossing my fingers for myself but obviously things can happen.

  8. Congrats hon! Here’s to a better 2007.

  9. It makes me want to go see the world of make believe.

  10. somebody really wants me to get drunk! my spam word was champagne again!

    jessy, that was seriously the funniest comment. i almost peed my pants

  11. say hi to mickey for me …

  12. Sounds like someone needs a big hug. I am mailing you one, Sassy. It should be there overnight.

  13. THAT IS SO FANTASTIC!!! I almost started jumping out of my chair FOR you.

    Congratulations Jessica…I couldn’t be happier.

  14. Ah, fantastic news! Indeed Santa heard you! Congratulations.

  15. kick tigger in the balls for me. effin bastard. i still havent forgiven him.

  16. Ghost, man. What the hell did Tigger ever do to you? Harsh. Very harsh.

    Congratulations, Jess. Although I’m a tad jealous. Maybe someday I’ll have the balls to make a career change.

  17. Merry Christmas Jess!

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