Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 11, 2007

me, myself, & I

it’s national break up day according to my junk email.  Just a thought but i think this rule only applies when you have someone to break up with or i.e. you spill your heart and soul to the man you can’t bare to be with out or with, for that matter, and after several glasses bottles of wine you’ve married and divorced him in your own mind…all over again.


  1. How much wine does it take before you remarry him in your own mind? 😉

    This might be the first year *ever* that I have a date on VD Day. How freaky is that?

  2. See in my own mind I marry they divorce and I find the next one and the cycle repeats. But I’m not jaded or cynical or able to break up with anyone today. Go figure.

  3. Wait, it takes alcohol to do that?

  4. Try as I might, I just can’t break up with you. I know I’m weak and I disgust myself, but that’s my cross to bear. 😉

  5. Seriously, are you supposed to break up with anyone or thing or find someone to break up with? What a strange day.

  6. good…so now i have more of a reason than, “i just don’t feel like it”. how can he argue with national break up day?

  7. Damnit I was early!

  8. maybe the wine is the problem.

  9. I broke up with Chancey Cooley today. He’s my favorite spammer.

  10. Well, “virtual” divorce is a whole lot better than the real thing 🙂

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