Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 17, 2007

what’s the frequency kenneth?

I don’t know why it’s called a block.  A block would mean you were well on your way then suddenly were stopped, unable to move on.  Even when you turn down the wrong street, when you find yourself at the dead end of a chain-link fence or a road that turns to sand, you are somewhere.  It’s just not where you expected to be.

Every day I’ve tried to pick back up throwing words on to my tablet PC. And every day I’ve deleted my words not wanting to see how I was feeling in black and white. 

When I finally arrive, in a lighter place and smiling in a crowded bar I’m always surprised by how ordinary I feel on the outside: the same expensive jeans and Arden B top as the next girl. I could be any girl lost in the crowd.  Does normal have visiting hours?  Some days, I feel I should have called in advance to make a reservation while others I’m okay with blending.

Today…isn’t one of those days.



  1. If nothing else, the title of the post was cool. Go Dan Rather!

  2. “the same expensive jeans and Arden B top as the next girl.”

    You are suspended between (or maybe have one foot in each) two worlds….you think and write (quite well), but you also notice stuff like the name of the store (designer???) where others bought their facades….tough to live in two worlds…..

  3. I think J was actually being serious. Funny.

    And if your writing it and then deleting it then you’re hardly blocked.

  4. somehow i get the feeling you would never blend in, sass.

  5. I love me a good R.E.M. (or Dan Rather) inspired blog post title.

    Normal? Is anyone normal? I mean shit, people are freaks for the most part. Are there any normal bloggers? Hell if I know.

  6. Girl, take it from me. You do not blend. Your little light shines bright. Always. Let it shine, that light of yours. You’ll get your voice back.

  7. And wait a minute. Why am I so low on your links? Alison starts with an “A”, yeah? Big grin. Kiss.

  8. It was a serious comment….oh well 🙂

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