Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 23, 2007

the beat goes on

“You live here?”  He shook his head in utter disbelief.  Defiantly I replied, “Yes we do.”  Shuffling his feet, “Shooo if that’s all that was taken you were lucky  The cop on the other side of the fence looked twice at me and once at my roommate.  “No sir. We’re straight.  Can you please make sure you patrol around here more often …at night.  Sir it’s a scary place.”   At this, I felt Irfan’s eyes diving into me in a this girl’s got balls manner.

“We get around here as much as we can Mam.  We have a lot to do.”  I bit my tongue and swallowed my reply, “Show me where it was. Yeah. Let me come in.”  As we walked up the stairs the stairs to the kitchen I had no doubt he was indeed casing the joint.  I imagine he’s seen one to many bad things occur, the couple that appears to be nice may be legit till someone pulls out a gun.

It happened just as I said it did to the cop.  Having just got off a two hour phone conversation with the partners of the company I was exhausted. Two of the partners are techies – the third one has more sales knowledge but still doesn’t quite understand the process.  We were figuring out our tactic with a Hospital in Washington state and trying to decide our best approach.  After going head to head with boss 2 & 3 I spoke to boss 1 who said, “It was good to see you stand your ground.  Welcome to my world.”  I then did something I rarely do in the middle of the day, I went to say hi to the local thugs.  Standing on the street my back was turned from my front door.  He saw his opportunity, darted up the front stairs, grabbed my Toshiba Tablet PC and he was back out the door before I saw him.  He did it with such infection that he didn’t have time to grab the power cord.  This morning, I was thankful that for once, my IPOD was not connected.  And today I am still pissed as hell and fuck it! I’m calling the cops from now on.

To add salt to my injury – I had backed up my blackberry….to the laptop that was stolen – my blackberry died last night.  The only positive thing is that T-Mobile is now sending me the NEW blackberry.   Chuckle.  I’m finding the humor in all this cause quite frankly, I don’t know what else to do.

**** Favorite Ex-Boyfriend did crime analysis – apparently our street is one of the most active in the last two years there have been 13 aggravated assaults, 5 auto thefts, 4 burgulary, 5 auto burglary, 1 forcable rape, 1 murder, 74 narcotic cases, and 6 robberies on Thompson & Eli

 sobbing: this little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine (in a nontelevangilistic way).


  1. When you get your replacement tablet, and rebuild your addressbook in the Blackberry, do yourself a favor and get a couple cheap USB drives. They’ve got 1G drives for about $10 at Microcenter. You probably can’t backup your music to that small a drive, but you can get some of the more important documents and, of course, your Crackberry data.

    Watch your back, Sass. Trust no one and always watch your back.

  2. You could always move to Florida.

  3. you gotsta move, sass. you should read my chronicles of the crack head.

  4. and that’s just what was reported..

  5. Okay I’m afraid I’m jumping on the “you really need to move” bandwagon Jess. Even if you think you can take care of yourself, things happen. I don’t want to see them happen to you.

  6. That’s messed up, Jess. Glad to hear you’re okay.

  7. Wow, yourself!


    Please don’t listen to these concerned readers and move, though. The blog might suffer. Instead, get a semi-auto 12 gauge and learn how to use it if you don’t already and the next time one of those fuckers visits your home uninvited exercise your legal right to kill ’em dead! I can’t wait for that post!

  8. This is why I own mase.

  9. Girl, you need to shut the door when you go outside. For anything at all. Mmmm Mmmm, glad you’re okay.

  10. Aw hon, that sucks. Maybe it’s time to move. I am glad he took your laptop and didn’t do anything to you…

  11. Be careful out there, Sass. A friend of mine who lives at a nice, secure complex on Buffalo Speedway close to 59 tells me tales of people going to check their mail and coming back to find their TV gone. A couple weeks ago, there was an attempted robbery/kidnapping at 7:30 in the morning for crying out loud.

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