Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 31, 2007

odds better than the lottery

Name one thing other than the existence of God we take on blind faith. There’s nothing! Not a single thing.  Not even the sun rising every day.  I know it’s going to be there, but that’s something I can prove scientifically.  The question I place before you today is this, if there is no physical component to faith, if there is no diagnostic framework to fit the behavior as a generally accepted social belief, what are we left with?

Wait, wait for it.

If physical and mental illness are ruled out, is it within the realm of a psychiatrist to authenticate religious behavior, to understand the outpouring of unexplained unscientific wonders or perhaps miracles? Is it with in the realm of society to accept such occurrences?

Patience my friend. 

What else do we believe in with blind faith?  Let me help you out, the last thing you believed in with absolute unshakeable truth as a child was…Santa Claus.  No matter how impossible it seemed, no matter how much evidence to the contrary, when you were a child you wanted to believe, and so you did. And as rude as the comparison sounds, it’s not all that different from believing in the existence of God.  Both are benevolent beings and go about their work without being seen.  They rely heavily on the assistance of mythical creatures – elves in one case, angels in the other.


Last week sucked cow’s balls for me.

Not only was I robbed, my blackberry died and the PC I backed up the blackberry to was stolen  …my bank account was closed due to a fraudulant check that was submitted to them (I’ve changed phone numbers so they couldn’t reach me),  it gets better, I was pulled over only to learn I have a warrant out from 2001. 

What? 2001?  Seriously?  I’ve been pulled over since then, without tickets given mind you, and never heard of this before.

Saturday and Sunday was damage control.  The troops were called in.  While in the dressing room with The Ladies I sprung the idea.  Jen’s Mom is coming in from Ohio this weekend to see the wedding dresses we have looked at the past few weeks.  After Jen had found “the dress”, the one that puts fairy tale princesses to shame,  another girl came out of the dressing room stammering, “Mom – I’m coming out in the muffin dress.  Are you happy now?  I swear if anyone says anything.”

I’ve never backed down from a challenge, “Say it Miss Scarlet.  I will nevah go hungry again. Ooooh Jen we have to find the ugliest dress and make your Mom believe that’s the one you want.”

Cathy: “And wear the mullet wig.”

The result was her coming out of the dressing room to 40 eyes and 20 dropped jaws.  



 As promised, with all that has happened this week personally, I’m okay.  Clichéd phrases about life and lemonade can’t undo last weeks events.  It’s days like this past Saturday and Sunday that make you appreciate the really good times and forget the bad.   Things can only get better.  I know this on blind faith alone.  ****UPDATE*******

I’ve just returned from downtown where I went to pay off the warrant.  They dismissed my case!  Thank-you Harris County!!!


  1. But when you have that faith, it is not blind. Your eyes are opened. The damndest thing though, is that it so easy to close them, even after you’ve seen.

    A warrant?! Sweet. That’s a post waiting to happen, no?

  2. I love blind faith… I see a lot of science as blind faith.. i mean I have not concept of the theory of relativity but I guess I need to belive it because Einstein told me to. I don’t question that shiz…

    Fun pics!

  3. Hmm, well, the dress seemed nice enough.

    Faith is a funny thing, I think, Sass. I always have when I don’t need it and need it when I don’t have it.
    Go figure.
    Well, at least last week is over. Good luck with this one. Try not to get shot.

  4. I think we all sort of trust blindly too, until trust is betrayed sufficiently. Few don’t trust their parents’ (or at least one parent’s) love. You trust the other people driving next to you to not randomly swerve into your lane. You have to or the very fear of driving would paralyze you. And, of course, lots of people trust their loved ones to get better, even if there is a great amount of evidence to the contrary.

  5. i take the love of my family on blind faith. here’s to the rest of your year, sass. you deserve some sunshine.

  6. What are you talking about, Red?

  7. Okay sweetie I’m with you on the whole blind faith thing. I’m a devout agnostic. But occasionally, something happens that fuels that little shadow of doubt, and to be honest –I think I like it that way.

    After all when we takes the gods out of the equation we are only left with ourselves and chance to blame. Take care hon.

  8. Well another week is starting and hope it gets better. Also, warrants never go away, however after a certain amount of time once they are confirmed they are subsequently dismissed.

  9. Love = blind faith.

    Cracks me up that I got “hurricane” as my anti-spam word.

    Yes, it’s Gary who was the hit and run victim. He’s doing better, slightly. He blinked his eyes rapidly when she told him she loved him.

    Thank you for your text Sunday, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Champagne soon?

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