Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 22, 2007

protection 101

werd1.jpgI need a chaperone, helmet and muzzle in that order por favor.


The weekend began with the smile of a five year old who had just been rewarded with a trip to Disney World.  I was down right giddy at the close of last week knowing I would be spending the next four days with seven of my closest
Houston girls.  Early Saturday morning I laced up my shoes and left the house for a run.  My step was light as the music picked up so did my pace.  In beat with the tempo of the rhythm I danced my way through three miles while watching the sunrise. 


The car trip to New Orleans produced headaches galore as Christy blew up the speaker directly behind my head.   I was already upset after learning my ticket to the Endimnion Ball was sold by accident.  My mood was a negative side effect knowing my friends would attend a ball without me.  Late in the evening as the ladies were getting ready a call came through stating a ticket was waiting for me at a hotel a few blocks down.  After arriving at the hotel I learned the ticket was not in my name and therefore would not be able to pick up the ticket.  I tucked my defeated ticket less self in and began making friends along the parade route while continuing to look at my phone every three minutes waiting for good news.   10:00pm came and went.  An ‘unknown number rang through once at 10:05; at 10:15 I answered and rushed back to the hotel to shower and change.   By 11:15 I was in the Superdome wearing my gown listening to Taylor Hicks, Journey, and
Styx with Kim, Celeste, Britney, Christy and Sherry.

Sunday’s blur filled day involved a crawfish boil.  Bravely I attempted to peel several crawfish for Britney.  Upon reaching for the first crawfish I held the tail with my left hand and tore the outer shell off with my right hand while the juice from the mud bug sprayed the guy directly across from me.   Apparently there are certain things a life long vegetarian should not attempt to do.  Then the night got hazy.  The next day I learned I fell down not once but twice which explains the hematome’s on my legs.     

Monday was a late start as we made our way to Bourbon Street.  Kim had rented a second floor balcony for 120 of her closest friends.  The cause for celebration was her “Dirty 30 Birthday Bash”.   The photos from the evening were just emailed to me which have helped all of us piece the weekend together. 

I can hide my troubles well, but I know from personal experience that once you put the pieces back together, even though you look intact, you are never quite the same as you were before the fall.  I’m hurting after this weekend for more reasons than one. 

I leave Saturday for Celeste’s engagement party and am in New Orleans all next week for a medical conference.  Rest assured I will be bringing a helmet.


  1. take it easy darlin!

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