Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 15, 2007

have you ever

Have you ever been embarrassed by running into a crush at the grocery store?  It’s one thing if the said crush were to see you at the gym all hot and sweaty.  When you’re at the gym and have a right to look red faced and drenched.  It’s another thing to see said crush at Whole Foods post workout and wearing ragged sweatshirt while looking and feeling like hell.  Secretly you dart into an aisle pretending you need bath salt even though you have five varieties under your sink.  And let’s say when the coast is clear you dart to a check out counter.  Phew, you believe you made it until you feel a tug on your pony tail.  “Hey Red,”  crap you would be caught face to face with said be crush while you have no make up on and are post gym sweaty and  forced to speak with said crush.  Charmingly you imagine to pull it off and said crush asks you to help him with a business acquisition (wink wink).  Humbly you would run off to your car, had this ever happened to you.



  1. I ran into a girl last night at the drug store, as she went to reach for a box of her feminine product needs. She felt so embarrassed.

  2. do i know this crush?!?

  3. nope but you’d laugh at the story of how i first met said crush – if i had a crush on him

  4. I wish! I’m sure you looked beautiful even after a workout and in sweats.

  5. is it funnier than the guy’s dog that peed on you while you were running in the park? ;-)~

  6. You mean I went through all that rigmarole and there wasn’t even a new post? Damn you, Jessica!

  7. That is exactly why I do not take detours after the gym, unless I am desperate . But at least he knows you take care of yourself.

  8. I signed up to wordpress for this? 😉

  9. sounds like an opportunity to me, red.

  10. Jazz fest May 4-7th…you ready?

  11. You are missed.

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