Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 9, 2007

truth be told

I do this weird thing all the time:

I tell people what I am actually feeling.

Not a sugar coated, white washed, bullshit version of my feelings.  But rather the uncensored, whole truth. Everybody gets this same treatment: friends, family, co-workers, shopclerks.  This is evidently a problem because it gets me in trouble on a regular basis.  

Every time I do this, I consider that next time I should be more reserved, more cautious of telling people what I really think.  

But it seems that, without having my heart surgically removed, I just don’t think I’ll be ever able to do that.  Unless maybe somebody winds a roll of duct tape around my lips


  1. Reserved is over-rated. There isn’t anything wrong with setting boundaries and expressing yourself.

    On another note, don’t tell me you came up here and we didn’t see each other!

  2. Gotta be yourself, girl. Like Aaron Neville once sang, “Tell it like it is.”

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