Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 23, 2007

flux capassator

Yesterday morning sucked. It was one of those days that starts out with the best of potential and goes down hill the moment you open your eyes or the cat meows to be fed.  What you’d like to feed the cat is the laundry list of problems running through your head but alas that is not something to be wished on the Attack Cat Jo or any animal.  The day got off to a bad start after a barrage of misunderstood text messages to a certain someone in Iraq.  A phone call had to be made to clear things up. He said things, I listened without interruption.  And after an hour we were in the clear and the surface was smooth once again.  Rippled text messages followed sending thoughts of mood lifting sentiments.  Calls came through I ignored during a second fire storm of text messages from the person formerly known as “Favorite Ex-Boyfriend.”  He’s new title is now “Least Favorite Ex-Boyfriend and Big Regret to have ever dated his ass..”  We dated three years ago.  I let go of him after 6 months and he’s never been able to let me go.  Last May he started dating someone who lives in Seattle.  He’s finally ready to move on, I’ve wanted him to leave me alone for the last year even though he’s been a shoulder to lean on when others went missing or were simply “busy.”   After yesterday, outside of my family, I have never had anyone say so many mean, cruel and unwarranted things to try and hurt someone.  He was trying to push me away, get me out of his life and to permanently end our friendship.  What he did was a selfish tactless act.  He benefited, I cried.




Upon returning the missed calls I learned of lunch plans.  A pleasant lunch turned out to be a very rude one while having a conversation with an English bloke who is too big for his britches and is on Daddy’s payroll.  His remarks were mean and unsolicited.  I left with a hand on my shoulder from a new friend I met simply last week.  Briefly we discussed career opportunities and new business ideas to start one of our own.  Time will tell how that next chapter will play out.


This is where the day began to take interesting turns.  Casey and Chris wanted to see me and do something.  Anything. Let’s just hang and catch up.  I suggested margarita’s on a patio somewhere.  Now I realize I’ve dated quite a bit in my short life.  Dated.  I have a healthy appetite for sexual activities but I’m no hussy. As fate would have it two guys I’ve dated were at the Midtown Mexican Restaurant I chose.  Lovely.  Conversation and margarita’s ensued with an announcement from Casey, “We’re moving in together!”  “Well, congratulations!”  A slight tap on my shoulder in the middle of my shock at the was put on me from a beautiful blonde pony tail.  Julie appeared behind me smiles and all saying they were right behind us and to come say hi.

 One never knows where or when you are going to meet someone that will be an important part of your life. You can never tell why or where you went out on a random night when you knew you should have stayed home or why you decided to stop at the Quicky Mart two miles from your house when you always go to the one a block from your house leading you to meet the man you are to marry.  Or I will never be able to fathom how small this world really is.  My worlds collide on a weekly basis.  I live in the 4th largest city yet on a weekly basis I mention introducing a friend to someone and learn they already know one another.  There is the poem floating around the internet concerning people entering your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.  Occasionally you meet a few people that are there for all three reasons.  In my life I’m fortunate to have friends like Tiffany, Shelley, Hemati, Cathy, Courtney, Ronda, Casey, Manfred, David aka “Scout”, and a slew of others I grow closer to as the sand falls through the hour glass.   I met Julie Easter weekend this past year.  She’s like that friend that puts a bounce in your step and a smile on your face from the joke she just told you.  While we were getting to know each other we learned just how truly small this world is and that by some cosmic force that threw us together we are to be friends.

Julie and I are the same age, 30.  While in the air force she met her ex-husband.  When we met she told me she used to live in Pennsylvania.  I was like, “What part of Pa.?” Her: “You’ve never heard of it, a small town in Bucks County.”Me: “What part of Bucks County?”Her: “A really small town called Doylestown.”Me: “I went to junior high there.”Her: “You probably know my ex then.Me: “…….”Her: “Russell KrauthammerMe: “And his twin sister Denise!!!! I spent my summers with them and our Friday nights at the roller rink together.” From that moment on she began filling me in on all those people’s lives I grew up with who I lost touch with like.Me: “How’s Sue Shumaker? What did she end up doing?”Her: “Oh, she barely works and has been married twice.  Last I heard some old guy was paying her bills and she’s directionless.”Me: “Yeah I’m not surprised her parent’s were the one’s who never gave her a curfew and let her run amuck.  Oh and what about Brian Taylor? I had the biggest crush on him in the 8th grade.”Her: “He’s kind of a jerk, single and living in Baltimore last I heard.  Him and Russ are still close.” I may never be able to make sense as to why Julie came into my life or be able to fully understand the reason our pasts have collided and brought us together in the present. Whatever the case, I sure was glad to see her and catch up with a new friend that has the warmth of an old soul.  Thanks to you and Brian for turning my day around, hanging with you really was the perfect prescription.  Looking forward to our dinner parties and years of bonding to come.


  1. i’m sorry he’s hurt you…again…and you need to fill me in on iraq again

  2. An overseas love affair? Sounds steamy.

  3. Bucks County, PA does that name ring a bell. I spent a few of my formidable years (5 through 9 grade ) living in Newtown. This long distance thing is going to be a lot on you. Take it in small bits.

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