Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 31, 2007

making me laugh

This made me laugh if not only because I have gone to happy hour on an empty stomach after hitting the gym but also because he and I are friends through our blogs and myspace.  Tsk Tsk tsk –  at least it’s better than the lines we heard last Thursday night.   “So, I’ve got this idea; let me know what you think of it.  I’m looking for someone to go halves on a baby. Would you like to go half on a baby with me?” ….and “your tag is sticking out – hold on – that’s right it says, ‘Made in Heaven.” Ahahaha how do these guys find me?

I  need your number.  Providing me with those ten numerals comes with many benefits.

1.  You will automatically be added to my drunken mass text message list (loaded with sexual innuendo at no extra charge!).
2.  Once I contact you, you will now be one of the “cool kids” with my number.
3.  You will also then have a number in the 580 area code which I’m guessing will be a first for you.
4.  I am usually in Houston a couple times a year, so at least twice a year will have a friend who will drink with you.
5.  I am going to be in Houston at least once and probably TWICE in the next TWO weeks and if time permits want to take you up on meeting for lunch or a drink or both 


  1. Ug. that baby one is beyond words.

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