Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 1, 2007


Tonight I sat outside on the patio alone and saw you.

I saw you there as I did last you were here, sitting in a chair across from me. Later, you left the empty package of smokes on my counter. I contemplated holding on to the pack wondering if I would hear from you again or to simply dismiss.

Tonight, you were in jeans and t-shirt and I was sitting across from you with legs curled under me listening.

I saw the hurt, concern and heart in your eyes; you saw me and who I am.

You spoke, I listened and I talked while you listened.

Tonight, I send this with trepidation but tonight I am thankful because you were with me but even for a moment.


But today…I’m here and you are miles away.



  1. The pain we cause ourselves. Yet the power of the feeling are so hard to ignore. Stay strong.

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