Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 12, 2007

even i’m lost on this one

It was the first time in my life I worried about making a bad impression.  I’ve been somewhat of the opinion that upon meetinh someone for the first time we will hit it off and be instant pals; or they are one of those rare personalities that I immediately dislike, kind of like crocks but packaged better.  Being soft, gets you nowhere. Women who beg and cajole to get what they want are not only stupid, they are traitors that tarnish the rest of us, and back step the women’s right movement.  I find it more effective to stand your own and look someone square in the eye upon meeting them.  That way, they respect you, even if they know enough of your background to hate you already. But usually, they are drawn to you because you have faith in yourself, an irresistible trait.  You see them watching, wondering what you’re up to while you do the same and look for common ground.   You like me? I like you. Cool. We can hang.


This time around, I wasn’t so sure if this strategy was going to work.  I began feeling doubt. Maybe, if I just let it all go; maybe if I just this once I had faith that something good could come out of it.  Maybe if I just stopped worrying and put down the drink, if not today, nor tomorrow but in future tense.


Maybe, just maybe…but that’s a while away.


  1. Being soft my get you nowhere but it is nice to see once in a while when you aare feeling secure enough in someone to show it.

  2. I’m sure you knocked his socks off.

  3. “You like me? I like you. Cool. We can hang.”

    EXACTLY! Why can’t more people have this attitude? The only expectation I carry into a first date is to just have fun. If I can manage to do that, chances are she is having fun too and then let just let it develop from there. No pressure, just enjoy the moment and not worry where it’s going.

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