Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 22, 2007

inspired by Ali – That Someone

Someone has a father, She hasn’t seen in almost a year
Someone has a mother, who acts like Sally Field
Someone has a lover, an addiction possesses her
Someone has a dear friend she would lay down in 5 o’clock traffic for,  cancer stalks her
Someone seeks what they don’t know how to receive
Someone lives beyond their means

Someone lives without any and is trying to find their place in the world

Someone has Sisters and Brothers that adore her but don’t understand her
Someone fears change

Someone loves change, it’s staying complacent that scares the hell out of Her
though the present is terrifying
Someone else hides behind money

Someone thinks he has control of her, he’s there and she’s here

Someone holds tight to a pillow wishing things had turned out differently
Someone thinks he knows his way when I know he can’t figure a map to safely reach the next minute
Someone’s mother waits for her to smile and her sister to call

Someone loves to hear her laugh and that certain way she says, “Pop!”

Someone lies next to the phone hoping this will all be okay
Someone loses and someone gains

Someone misses his gaze

Someone text messages her Father when she is having a bad day and need, “I miss you honey, I’m going for a bike ride – you should too.”

Someone knows that’s sincere and that’s real
Someone only wants the one she can’t reach
Someone says Boo and jumps out of her skin

The skin we comfortably say we’re home in until life settles in, stretches out, wakes us up.

Someone knows she itches and needs the calamine lotion.

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