Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 3, 2008

from the hip

The man in front of me couldn’t stop staring at my calves.  I sat across from him detailing application implementation then uncrossed my legs and pushed myself up from the chair.  Swiftly I crossed the room to the white board and began drawing my design in an attempt to pull his attention from my calves to the outline I was trying to make him understand.  If I could not get him to comprehend anything outside of the cup size of my bra how was I ever going to get him to sign off on a $750,000.00 implementation project plan?

Day 684:  The man staring at me with a blank expression stared at me and tried to wrap his mind around a system that appeared so black and white but he became lost on the implementation.  He knows how to carve cancer out of a cell, remove a tumor from a stroke patient and refer them to the proper rehabilitation unit so they may regain motor skills but he could not understand the implementation breakdown.  FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!!!   I had exhausted every scenario possible I knew to make this over educated man understand the technology behind an application.  I’m the idiot in this one, cause let’s face it, he’s been in school and a resident for more than half my life but when it comes to common application and social questions…..he’s as lost as a toddler in the grocery store.  I began again, “Let’s say my friend has cancer, just follow me on this one, after all of her tests have been ran she is diagnosed with stage 3 and her doctors decide  to forgo surgery and that she is a prime candidate for an experimental drug they have read multiple studies on.  After 4 months she begins to slip.  She is once again re-evaluated after deteriorating  worse then taken off the drug, more tests are ran and the doctors then devise a new plan of action after talking to other doctors who have had similar cases.  Blah Blah Blah.” And that would have been stage 15 of my sales process.  Next came the hospital administrators and then the board of directors. Each group required a different attack plan and new charts.  After eight years in this industry I had HAD enough.  Well, a few incidents occurred making me understand how short life truly is and although I knew I could compete quite successfully in my healthcare I.T. medical sales job….I simply wasn’t finding the job satisfaction I know I need. I simply wasn’t happy.


I changed careers this past summer. Not in a “you’ve just been promoted and now have new responsibilities” manner.  No sir. Not I – 2007 was indeed a pivotal year for me.  Let’s track back if we may.


  1. I cut out all toxic people out of my life
  2. I was robbed while in my house
  3. I turned 30
  4. I had a miscarriage
  5. I changed careers
  6. I moved into a place all my own
  7. I ended a 4 year long volatile friendship (okay that was yesterday and technically 2008 but give a girl a break will ya?)
  8. Oh and who can forget about all the funny stories with my friends…I truly am blessed.

Each day now is a brand new adventure for me.  I made a drastic change career wise.  Travel has always been important to me.  It’s something I love to do…to experience and see things in other parts of the world and experience things outside of my day to day.  I love life and the people I meet in it.  Every detail of the world is exponentially unique and every person is amazing…errr – minus the one who robbed me and that whole sexual assault thing totally sucked ass big time.  At thirty years old I decided I needed time to write and shut up or put up and not out.  If I was going to be happy and change careers then I had to make a choice.  A) continue making super decent money while selling to doctors and hospital administrators whose ego barely fits through the door or B) be able to travel the world for work…ya know…on someone else’s dime,  get paid to do so and finally start being serious about writing.  I enjoy it as much as enjoy a great bottle of wine, sex or laughing at brunch so hard my side’s ache the next day. 


So this is my life….I travel for a living, write in my spare time, have amazing friends, am rarely home,  AND I LOVE IT!


Happy New Year everyone – may 2008 be good to you.


  1. Hi, Sass! Welcome back. Happy New Year!

    Wow, I feel like you disclosed so much in this post – more than I can remember you ever disclosing in the last year.

    I am so sorry you had to endure all of that, but I am so glad that you have found a life that makes you happier. 🙂

  2. Maybe you should share some of this writing. With me at least.

    Next year’s review post is going to include “I met Woodrow”.

  3. After reading your top ten list can you blame a person for worrying about you a little. When you going to travel to a hospital near me? I want to stare at those calves too!

  4. wow…what a year. I’m glad your 2008 seems to be off to a good start.

  5. Whoa. I’m a little lost for words after reading that. It’s rather amazing how one person can go thru so many gut wrenching events in a single year, but somehow manage to come out ontop happy and with a new outlook on life. You make a boy proud. 🙂

    If your travels ever find you in NY, perhaps we could have dinner? I can promise you I would be more interested in your words than your calves and my ego can fit thru any door.

    Here’s to a happy 2008, Jess.

  6. I think your blog likes me as much as mine likes yours. Always have trouble commenting. Anyway, I’m glad you’re following happiness instead of the money. I hope to get there someday, too.

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